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Relax and enjoy sex, make sure that you have enough foreplay happening too some women are just tight but the vagina does balloon out to some extent when sexually aroused...hope this helps, Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-07 17:03:08
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Q: Why even though you have a sexual feeling is the vagina tight and how can it be expanded?
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What are the favourite sexual acts of lesbians?

well there is licking the vagina , and feeling each other

How does the girl know when her vagina is wet without feeling it?

She can feel it without feeling it

What is the vagania?

The Vagina is a female sexual organ.

How do you have sexual intercoruse?

You insert a penis into the vagina.

When a part of vagina feels great pleasure?

The opening of the vagina the vulva gives a good feeling.

What does it feel like to get your vagina liked?

It feels weird at first but after a while, it feels good and you get horny, which is a great feeling. I love getting my vagina licked and I also love sucking boys penis'. It doesn't hurt though.

What is the closest feeling to a vagina?

Lotion, tissue paper

What is an origasim?

Figering of the vagina / thinking of sexual intercorse

Can you use vagina juice for anything other that sexual?


What secretes mucus during sexual intercourse?


How exactly do you get pregnant?

The male sperm must come in contact with the female egg though sexual intercourse (or if the ejaculate that contains the sperm comes into contact with the vagina).

What do it mean when your vagina has a tingy feeling?

it means you've had a prolapse.

Does your vagina hurt when conception takes place?

No. There is no feeling to conception.

What is viginity?

If you've never had sexual intercourse. (Penis in Vagina)

How do you do sexual intercoarse?

a penis goes into a vagina and have fun then have kids

Can you get maggots in your vagina?

yes if you have sexual intercourse with a necrophiliac or a canibal.

What sexual content is in wet?

the vagina usually gets wet

Why do boys put their penis in the girl's vagina?

For sexual pleasure.

What does it mean when a guy plays with a girls vagina?

That he has a sexual interest in her.

How do you know your vagina is wet?

You feel this sexy feeling in your vagina and it feels warm in the inside & it is actually kind of wet and sloppy

How can confirm a lady had sexual intercource within a week?

when a lady has sexual intercouse, her vagina hole stretchs and becomes more loose...and if she doesnt have sex for a week or 2, her vagina hole tightens

What is genital engorgement?

For a man engorgement is his erection. for a woman it is her expanded, lengthened, ready vagina.

Are there 2 holes in the vagina?

No. The vulva contains one hole for the urethra(for urine) and one hole for the vagina(for sexual reproduction).

What does is mean if you can feel your heart beating in your vagina?

It's when increased blood flows to vagina,normaly through sexual arousal

What does it mean if there is a beauty mark by your vagina?

It's Says That If You Were To Have A Beauty Mark (Mole) On Your Vagina It Idicates You Are Sexual Active. or Genetics!!