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The radius of a capillary tube is a very important measurement and must be taken with extra caution due to the small size of the tube. A small error in the measurement can lead to significant errors in the calculations. The narrow diameter of the tube also means that the measurement is more prone to errors from vibration or air currents, making it more difficult to get an accurate reading.

In addition, the radius of the tube is also affected by the surface tension of the liquid it contains, which can cause the tube to deform or become curved. This can lead to incorrect measurements and must be taken into account when measuring the radius of a capillary tube.

Finally, measuring the radius of a capillary tube requires special tools and techniques. A micrometer or vernier caliper may be needed to accurately measure the radius, and special care must be taken to ensure that the measurement is taken in the middle of the tube. Additionally, the measurement should be taken multiple times to ensure accuracy as the tube may deform or change shape over time.

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Q: Why extra precaution required while measuring the radius of capillary tube?
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