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Why fan is rotating in anticlockwise but not in clockwise?

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If it is a ceiling fan, then there is a little chain on the base of the fan, not the light chain...usually on the opposite side, that you need to pull and it will change direction.

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If we change the polarity of capacitor in ceiling fan why it starts rotating reverse direction?

by changing the polarity of capacitor of single phase ceiling fan can we change the direction of rotation from anticlockwise to clockwise

How do you use clockwise in a sentence?

The fan is rotating clockwise.

Which way does the earth rotate clockwise or anticlockwise?

If you are standing on the north pole, it is rotating counterclockwise.

Why do aircraft propellers rotate anticlockwise?

To counteract the the right hand tourque produced by the clockwise rotating engine

Clockwise or anticlockwise clutch fan 97 jeep?

Clock wise to tighten.

Why generator rotating anticlockwise?

Its all a matter of perspective. If you look at one end of the generator and note that it is turning anticlockwise, then it is true that it will be turning clockwise as viewed from the other end.

Which way does the earth move clockwise or anticlockwise?


Does the naruto whirlpool spin anticlockwise or clockwise?


Does a record turntable revolve clockwise or anticlockwise?


Is electron revolve clockwise or anticlockwise?

anti clockwise

What is the antonym of anticlockwise?


What is the opposite of anticlockwise?


Do Japanese toilets flush clockwise or anticlockwise?

anticlockwise. (All toilets in the Northern Hemisphere flush clockwise, all toilets in Southern Hemisphere flush anticlockwise.)

What direction does the earth rotate on its axis in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction?


How do you tell if your ceiling fan is going clockwise or counter clockwise?

lay on the floor and look up at it. If it is moving the same direction as a clock it is moving clockwise. Hold a piece of tissue paper at a corner such that it is near (but not touching) the fan blades. If the fan lifts the paper toward the ceiling then it is rotating clockwise. This is best for winter. If the fan pushes the paper toward the floor (causing a breeze) then it is rotating counter clockwise. This is best for summer.

How do you rotate a figure 90 degrees anticlockwise?

Clockwise is rotating something to the right, anticlockwise is moving something to the left. It is basically the same thing as counterclockwise. The prefix ANTI- means "not." Examples: Antisocial, antichrist, antimatter, and so on.

Does the sun go clockwise or anticlockwise around the galactic center?


Does the earth spin clockwise or anticlockwise?

The earth spins anticlockwise, looking down from the north.

What is the Direction of Friction in Rotating Object in clockwise direction?

it is rotating clockwise

Ceiling fans rotate anticlockwise while table fans clockwise why?

ceiling fans rotate both ways 'anticlockwise' and 'clockwise' this is so the on fan will pull the air up and another will push it down to create a circulation in the room. Table fans rotate clockwise so they can push the air outward across the room.

Is anticlockwise an adjective?

Yes it can be (anticlockwise rotation).It means the same as counter-clockwise, and is also used as an adverb.

Why fan rotates in anticlockwise direction?

if blades of fan connected to stator of motor used in it then rotation will be anticlockwise...

Does the earth spin in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction?

Looking down from above the north pole, it spins anticlockwise. It also orbits anticlockwise around the sun.

Do horses in melboroune cup run clockwise or anticlockwise?

All horse racing in Melbourne Australia is run anticlockwise in New South Wales and Queensland races are run clockwise.

What is the difference between counter clockwise and anticlockwise?

There is no difference, both terms mean the opposite of clockwise.