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A fax machine can be connected to a computer to let that computer send and receive faxes through it. There is also fax software that allows you to attach a file and send it to a fax number.

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Q: Why fax machine is connected to computer?
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How can you connect a cellphone to a fax machine to enable you to fax?

All-in-one modern fax machine is connected to computer and cellphone can be connected to computer using its data cable or memory stick, then you can transfer files from cellphone to fax it. Cellphone with internet connection can send and receive fax using internet fax.

How to make fax machine work away from main phoneline?

Traditional fax machine should be connected to phone line. Internet fax using computer does not need phone line like ringcentral, as long as there is a connection of internet, fax can be accessed anywhere at anytime.

How do you send a computer file to a fax machine?

In general, you don't.Some fax machines can be connected to a computer the same way that a printer is and told to fax the output instead of printing it locally. Exactly how that works depends on the particular type of fax you have; if you have a fax machine that you think has this capability, go to the manufacturer's website and look for instructions (and software, and drivers) on how to do so.

Can I print wirelessly to a fax machine?

You must have a fax machine that has Wifi capabilities,and have it connected to your network.

What is different between printer fax machine?

A printer prints a document from a computer. It is usually attached to the computer (or accessible through a network) A fax machine is used to transmit a document over a phone line to another fax machine. As long as both are properly connected to the phone network, the fax can be transmitted. The first fax scans the document and converts it to a signal that can be transmitted over the phone, the receiving fax receives the signal and decodes it to be printed out.

What is meant by a fax free machine?

A fax free machine means that you can send a fax for free on the machine. An example of a fax free machine would be a computer with specialized software to send faxes.

Is a fax machine most like a telephone or computer?


Can you send a fax to your computer from your own fax machine with a single phone line?

It the computer is on the same line as the fax machine then no. The fax machine will dial the receivers number to ask for the fax receiver to allow it to send. as you are sending on the same line you'll probably get an engaged tone

What kind of fax machine is usually installed by the manufacturer?

A fax machine is an independent unit, so it sits on its on and there is nothing that it is installed "into" - the manufacturer is whoever manufactured the fax machine. On a multifunction machine or a computer, there may be a fax board added as opposed to a fax machine. This is an accessory card that adds extra features to the computer or MFP.

How to fix faxer when It's been saying it's connected but when I try to fax someone they get a screenshot of my computer page.?

Some suggestions for removing a screen shot while sending a fax is as follows: First, check your settings on your fax machine. You can refer to the manual that came with your fax machine to make sure the settings are correct. Second, you could try reinstalling the software that came with the fax machine.

Is a fax machine machine computer?

I think so

Can a computer replace a fax machine?

Yes, with the proper software, a phone line connection and a modem you can easily turn your computer into a fax machine.

How does one use a fax machine as a phone?

As a fax machine is connected to the phone line, provided the fax machine has the option (not all fax machine have a phone/numeric keypad) one can simply lift the phone and press the keypad just as a normal phone.

How do you establish a fax tone?

With a fax machine or a fax-modem or some other type of fax program for your computer.

Is a fax machine most like a telephone or a computer?


Does your computer need to be on to receive faxes to your PC?

If the fax machine stores faxes itself and then puts them on your computer when you turn it on then no. However if the fax machine sends directly to your computer then yes it needs to be on.

Was the person who invented the fax machine British?

Yes. The person that invented the fax machine was British. Alexander Bain invented it in 1843 in England. At that point, it was only two pens connected to a pendulum that connected to a wire.

Is a fax machine computer hardware?


What is a toll-free fax number?

A toll-free fax number is simply a toll-free telephone number with a fax machine connected to it.

How does a wireless fax machine work?

The data will not be sent directly into other end fax machine, instead, it goes to the computer then forwarded to internet fax service server, then sent to recipient fax machine. Wireless fax machine is only applicable for internet faxing just like extremefax.

Why might it be useful to add a fax modem to a computer system?

to use dialup internet, or use your computer as a fax machine

How is it possible to do faxing via the computer?

Yes, faxing can be done via computer with or without a fax machine. If you have no fax machine then you can use services such as efax, zerofax and myfax to help you.

How do you use internet through fax machine?

Use your computer as a fax machine via internet by using RingCentral . All in one printer with fax machine need to be installed and detected by your Operating System. Windows has its own fax utility.

What is the fax number for a Dell printer?

A fax number is the number of the phone line you have connected to the fax machine. An example would (968) 273-3862.

How can you receive a free fax to your computer?

You must have an internet fax account number. It will serve as your fax number for receiving fax files via computer. Some internet fax provider provide more options than what fax machine has.