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Girls do not have a propensity or desire to cut off penises.

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What does a teenagers penis look like both cut and uncut?

Search Google Images for uncircumcised penis and circumcised penis. Uncircumcised men have their penis head covered with the foreskin when they are not erect while on circumcised the glans is always exposed.

How do you cut girls curly hair?

cut it like a v it coooooooooooool 4 girls

How do you get your penis out of a shampoo bottle?

Cut the bottle, but be careful to not cut your penis

Can a guy have his penis cut off?

Yes, and you can get it turned like inside out but in you like a vagina.

Whats does your penis look like after a circumcision?

it looks like an intact penis that has the foreskin retracted. only there is a scar behind the glans where the foreskin was cut of.

What does it mean if the tip of your penis is cut?

A cut penis usualy means it has been mutilated by cicumsicion.

Do girls like guys with beards?

Maybe some girls do but mostly they like a clean cut kinda guy

Do boys like cutting girls hair?

If they were a hair cutter in a salon. They have to like it. It is their job (if they do not like their job they will not like to cut girls hair).

Can men have a tear on there penis?

Yes, just like any tissue it can be cut and torn.

Does the skin go back when you are circumcised?

No, when a male is circumcised the foreskin is surgically cut off from the penis and then discarded. After circumcision there is no skin left to cover the head of the penis, and so it can't go back. The head of the penis is always exposed.

What is uncut cork in terms of penis?

a male penis of has a skin that cover the penis head, that extra 'hood' skin is cut during circumcision, the penis is referred to as 'cut' if not circumcised then its called 'uncut'

How come Jc doesn't cut his hair?

Because all the girls at his school like it. Because all the girls at his school like it. Because all the girls at his school like it. Because all the girls at his school like it.

What does uncut mean?

Cut- When you are born the doctor cuts your penis (Extra skin) Uncut- The Doctor dose not cut your penis

Is it normel for a man to get a cut on his penis?

It can be cut like a finger or any other part. Most men are just more protective of their penis than their fingers. For the reason stated above it is definitely unusual, this means it is not normal.

What kind of trimmings girls like?

they love the buzz cut omg

What is today's hair cut style?

Well for girls and women it's pixie cut and saved heads and for men it's just the same as always

What is the operation called when you have your penis cut off?

It's called circumcision, and it's not your penis that's cut off, it's the foreskin.

What is the scientific name for corundum?

it is a penis enlargement it is where they cut the penis and make it biiger

What is the difference between a cut and uncut penis?

An uncut penis (intact) still has its original foreskin left intact, and not removed, whereas a "cut" penis (circumcised) is the opposite, and the foreskin has been removed.

What part does circumsition cut off?

During circumcision, part of the skin of the penis, called the foreskin, is cut off. The foreskin is the part of the skin that covers the glans (head) of the penis. Other parts of the penis, such as the frenulum, are often cut off as well.

What does it mean when someone is circumcised?

It means the tip of your penis is cut off to reveal what looks like a mushroom cap.

How can you tell if a boy is virgin?

As a virgin myself i would say you just have all your penis covered by the outter skin of your penis and most men after they have had sex have that upper part like cut

Is it bad to cut your head of your penis?

Yes it would be terrible to cut the glans of your penis of that would most likely put an end to most of your sexual pleasure.

Should the hairs around penis be cut why?

There's no "should" about it. It's a personal choice, like the style of clothes that you wear.

Can penis hair cut the vagina?

yes. it can and it hurts

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