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Why girls become lesbians?


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some girls "become" lesbians because they were mistreated by men. all true lesbians were born lesbians. But they were always bisexual and do not actually "become" lesbian. They choose to start embracing their lesbian side.


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All lesbians are girls, but not all girls are lesbians. Yes. The answer is yes.

Some girls that become lesbian or that are lesbians are MORE attracted to girls than guys....

Yes if they are lesbians

Can a girl be a lesbian? Yeah. All lesbians are girls. But, not all girls are lesbians. xxStormey

You can't become a lesbian. You are either born that way, or you aren't. And it's not bad to be born a lesbian.

Yes, to have relationships with other girls can happen. But to be lesbians and have a relationship with each other would be incest and wrong not to mention against the law.

Women who are lesbians are born lesbians. Some women realize this fairly early in life while other may not realize this until later in life.

Since lesbians are girls they don't care.

No. Playing sports does not affect your sexual identity.

If you mean lesbians, then yes.

Lesbians are like every other girls except they are attracted to females.

the same way that boys ask out girls

Only lesbian girls are attracted to lesbians. Straight girls are not.

They don't become lesbians. They are born lesbians. As to why they are born that way, nobody really knows.

They are "lesbians" which mean they like/love girls. Lesbians often have male friends they are just not attracted to men sexually.

Well if they are lesbians

Only if there not lesbians

Lesbians are women who are attracted emotionally and sexually to other women. and they like to makeout with other girls

No! They don't have to be lesbians if there emo, they shouldn't have to worry about people calling them rude stuff!

All of the girls in it date exclusively other girls.

most of prostitutes are lesbians

Yes they do, they're still girls.

A lesbian is a girl who wants to have "relationships" with other girls, not boys.

You don't become a lesbian. You are born a lesbian.

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