Why girls flirt?

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girls flirt to get a guys attention

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Q: Why girls flirt?
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Related questions

How do girls flirt with girls?

The same way they flirt with boys.

Is it good to flirt but not really flirt with all the girls in the school?

Whatever you do, DON'T flirt with girls already going out with someone.

How do you make studious boys love playful girls?


Why do girls flirt boys?

Girls flirt with boys because they like them. They feel that if they flirt with the guys then they will start to like them. I flirt with guys to give them signs that i like them or want them to come and talk to me:) - hopefully this helped

Do guys flirt only with one girl o a lot of girls?

They flirt with as many girls as they can, or with whomever gives them the time of day.

Do girls flirt unconsciously?

yes, girls flirt naturally when they first meet someone as well as when they are interested in someone, its the same with boys

Why do boys flirt with girls?

It is to impress them. They either want to get in the girls pants or be their girlfriend. It is a natural instinct to flirt with someone you're attracted too.

Why do guys flirt so much with girls they don't like but not with the girls they do like?

That is a little complicated. The simple answer is that the guys flirt with the girls they don't like because they don't like them, that means that there's no way a guy and a girl tha he don't like stay together. Otherside, they don't flirt with girls they like because: 1. They are shy with girls they like (Believe me this happens) 2. They don'y flirt because they are afraid of the flirt go wrong. 3. They don't flirt because they are afraid of messing all up. 4. " " " " " " " that the flirt works and after, they choke the girl by staying with another one. I hope I was helpfull, believe me I'm a guy.

How can you tell a guy likes you when he is a big flirt with girls?

If he's into you, he'll flirt with you in a way that he doesn't flirt with other girls. Another sign is that he'll flirt with you the most and if this guy really likes you, he'll either ask you out or be rude or kind, it depends on what kind of guy he is.

When do you know it should be over?

wen the guy starts to flirt wid other girls wen the guy starts to flirt wid other girls

How do you attract girls for a date?


Who is flirt boys or girls?

Definitely girls they make it so obvious

How can you tell the difference between someone who likes you and someone who is a really big flirt and if they are just a flirt and you like them what should you do?

The difference between the guy actually liking you, and him being a flirt is simple. Does he flirt with other girls, stare at other girls? If hes a flirt, dont waste your time on him. He is probally a player and they are big jerks. Forget about him and move on, girls can do so much better then that and you can too Hope That helped

Why Girls flirt with girls?

There is more than one to that question. Some girls are lesbians or bisexuals & flirt with girls because they like the girl they are flirting with or just for fun. Some girls, though, flirt with other girls to attract guys. They want guys to see them while they flirt with girls so that the guys will think it's hot. Most guys find two girls flirting (or more) to be a turn-on & because of this, some girls see this as a way to get the guys to like them, not realizing that their behavior is attracting the wrong kind of guy while smultaneously making themselves look bad.

What would a girl think of you when you keep flirting with her but flirt with other girls too but you like the girl you flirt the most with?

i personally would think that was just how you acted around girls because it is difficult for girls to tell when you are flirting with them if you are acting similarly to other girls as well. my advice if you like the girl that you are flirting the most with then just flirt with her so she knows that you like her and not other girls as well.

How do boys flirt with girls?

Boys basically flirt with girls by being nice, smiling at them, or making them laugh. Boys also are crazy around you and tease you all the time

Is eye contact a good way for girls to flirt?

All girls are different. In my opinion, I don't think that is a way to flirt. If you flatter your eyelashes, I do not think that is flirty either.

Do boys like girls who flirt with other guys more than they flirt with them?

No, no one likes to be ignored.

Why do girls flirt?

That is how they show boys they like them:)

Why do single girls not flirt so much but girls with boyfriends flirt a lot more?

Girls who flirt a lot get boyfriends easily but they don't stop flirting just because they have a boyfriend. Girls who don't flirt a lot doesn't get boyfriends as much. This assuming you are about fifteen or so...Or possibly because girls feel safer flirting when there is no obligation since they already have a boyfriend. Flirtation is a fun game to play because egos get stroked along the way.

Does a girl like you if she talks to you everyday but doesn't flirt with you?

NO. If a girl likes you she will flirt. Seeing as most girls flirt with anyone it means she just takes you as a friend. SORRY!

How do you get a girl to flirt with you?

I think that you should flirt with her to let her know you want to be flirted with. Also try and flirt with other girls so she knows your a flirt she will feel comfortable.

What is the reaon why guys and girls flirt?

they wanna be together

Do girls or guys flirt more?

Def. guys.!

Why do guys flirt so much?

To get girls they like.