Why government was made?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Because citizens were out of control.

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Q: Why government was made?
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In what year did your government make the tomato a fruit?

Neither my government nor your government made tomato a fruit . Mother Nature made tomato a fruit.

Who paid the government in ancient Mesopotamia?

The government made people pay taxes for the government.

When was the federal government made?

Many countries around the world have a Federal Government, all "made" at different times.

What is a rule made and enforced by government?

A rule made by the government is called a low.

Who was the chief complaint of conservatives against the new deal?

It made the government too powerful

How the sojourner was made?

It wasnt it was made up to control the government

What was a government made up of two houses called in ancient Rome?

There was not a name for a government made up of two houses in ancient Rome because Rome did not have this type of government.

What is a rule made by the government?

A law

What kind of government is Kuwait?

its made

When was US government made?


How are Spain's laws made?

by a government

What is a rule made by government?

A law