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Why has tourism developed?

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Tourism has developed because of following :

1) People were more curios to see some thing new & different

2) Tourism generates revenue now tourism is a mojor source of income for many countries

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How is different types of tourism developed?

it can be developed by cunducting more seminors and conferences.

How has tourism developed in the past century in the UK?

The travel and tourism industry had developed from you dnt honesly think i would give u da answer did u?

How is the Evolution of tourism?

Tourism has developed significantly over the past 100 years. Today, there are certain towns and countries whose economy is based on tourism.

How destinations and resorts has developed in the UK travel and tourism?

A purpose - built resort

How has the travel and tourism industry developed?

The travel and tourism industry has developed significantly all over the world. Technology has been introduced in the sector to provide convenience like Internet reservations and ticketing among other things.

Should Antarctica be developed for tourism?

Today, all tourism to Antarctica is accommodated aboard the ships that they sail on to reach the continent. Since the Antarctic Treaty prohibits all commercial ventures, apparently the existing tourism accommodations are sufficient, with no need for development to accommodate tourism.

Why is tourism not developed in India?

There are a number of causes for slow development of tourism in India.The main reason is poor marketing and lack of effective policies on the part of govt. Tourism not only generates income but it also provides proper masures should be taken for the promotion of tourism.

How many hotels does Acapulco have?

Hundreds. Acapulco is quite a large city, and has a well-developed tourism industry.

The role of government in tourism development in tourism planning?

tourism planning should take place at many levels within a country.The starting point FOR THE TOURISM PLANNING process in any country should be the developed of a nation tourism policy. this policy represent the basic foundation from which more specific goals strategies objectives and plan are developed . thus, all planning effort should be complementary to the nation tourism policy . all tourism plans should be given time spans and should be reviewed and modified at the expiration of their time spans since change is inevitables and continous ,it follows that tourism policy making and planning have to be dynamic processes.because policies tend to be more broad-scale than tourism plans ,they are usually valid for a greater number of years . the life span of a tourism plan does not usually exceed five years.

The government has a responsibility towards the tourism industry.?

The governments of every underdeveloped, developing and developed country has a strong responsibility to uphold the integrity of the tourism industry, through it strong formulation of regulations and framework that safeguards the sustainable development of the tourism industry, the sources of funds for tourism resort development, marketing and promotion lays on the shoulder of government.

Why international tourism is more important than domestic tourism?

Advantages of Internation tourism - 1) Foreign exchange 2) Culture understanding 3) high standard of living 4) More experience & activities 5) Improvement in personality 6) Increasing in tourism 7) Job vacancies 8) Places can be develop & nation will be developed

Basic forms of tourism?

seaside tourism mountain tourism. sport tourism. cultural tourism. health tourism. rural tourism. business tourism. shopping tourism.

How the travel and tourism industry has developed in the last 50 years?

The tourism industry has become more inclusive and global. Air travel has made it possible for people to visit different regions much faster and easily.

What are the fields of tourism?

The main fields of tourism are mention below.Travel AgentLodging ManagersChauffeursSustainable tourismEcotourismPro-poor tourismRecession tourismMedical tourismEducational tourismCreative tourismDark tourismDoom tourismSports tourismLeisure travelWinter tourismMass tourismAdjectival tourism

What is coastal tourism?

Coastal tourism is a based on a combination of sea environments and the border of land. It includes beaches, sun water, and scenic views. Profitable services that include hotels have developed in coastal areas to attract tourists.

How the economic system of the Philippines developed?

The economic system of the Philippines is developed through the exportation of goods and the tourism that we had. Every region in the Philippines has it's own product like banana, in Davao City and etc.

Four forms of tourism?

There are four forms that tourism can be classified into. There is international tourism, internal tourism, domestic tourism, and national tourism.

What interest did Chung Ju-yung have regarding tourism?

The Mount Kumgang Tourism Project and related activities developed tourist facilities around scenic Mount Kumgang in North Korea near the South Korean border.

List the different types of tourism?

AADI MediTourAccessible tourismAgritourismArchaeological tourismAtomic tourismBenefit tourismBicycle touringBirth tourismBoat sharingBookstore tourismBooze cruiseChild sex tourismChristian tourismCouchSurfingCultural tourismDark tourismDay-tripperDental tourismDisaster tourismDrug tourismDynamic packagingEscorted tourExcursionExperimental travelSacred travelSafariScenic routeSelf-guided tourSetjettingSex tourismShark tourismSpace tourismSports tourismSpring breakStaycationSuicide tourismSustainable tourismTolkien tourismTombstone touristTourism geographyVillage tourismVirtual tourVolunteer travelWalking tourWar tourismWater tourismWhale watchingWildlife tourismWine tourism

What are the classification of tourism product?

business tourism leisure tourism domestic tourism

Is it important to study the heritage tourism?

yes... for a great future in tourism industry or for a bright knowledge about tourism you must have all the knowlwdge about kindda of tourism. Heritage tourism is not just a kind of travel. eco-tourism, sports tourism, rural tourism, dark tourism, adventure tourism, etc are the kind of tourism. Study them too.

What is the role of tourism in development of India?

attract the the tourist from inbound and outbound countries, also the local place can be developed in both employment & economics.

What is Australia most known for?

for being so friendly, economically developed and one of the world leading countries in sports, entertainment, education and tourism.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of majorca?

the advantages ofMajorcais how much the island has developed with its business' and buildings to help cope with tourism a different times of years

What are sport tourism categories?

Sports tourism resorts sports tourism attractions sports tourism cruises sports tourism tours sports tourism events