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The only person who can answer that is the guy you messaged. It could be that he is shy or his stares do not mean that he is interested in you.

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Looking at an object and making it move, presumably by just staring intensely at it!

It means he was intensely staring into the persons eyes.

LYfeSTile: Rap with a message staring David Greenfeld, Daniel Dichiro, and Melody Khorsandi

Starring means staring in a movie, staring means staring at something or somebody.

Life before Facebook was fantastic ! People talked to each other - instead of leaving messages on 'walls' - people socialised with other human beings - instead of spending hours sat staring at a computer screen !

We are not staring at you. If someone is staring at you perhaps they are interested in what you are doing or perhaps they are admiring you from afar.

no randy Orton is not staring in a movie but john cena is staring in psych and ted disease is staring in marine 2

She keeps staring at me.He stands in the window, staring at the cake with drool dribbling down his chin.

He was staring at her, lost in her beauty. The entire room was staring daggers at the new arrival.

Staring to the Sun was created in 2005.

he'll probaly know that your staring at him because people can feel when someones staring at him or her i knoiw i can

Either he is sending a subtle message that he wants to partake in a staring contest, or that you have something disgusting on his face that he cannot take his eye off of.

The guy is probably making her uncomfortable, staring at her like that. Staring is rude.

Probably. Considering where he is staring. If he is staring at your body then he might be a stalker. If he is staring at your face then he obviously fancise you.

They are thinking about the girl they are staring at.

Could be, as in "The staring man couldn't believe what he was seeing".

The answer is no, it is not possible to kill a chicken by staring at it.

Staring is correct, assuming you mean that someone stares at you.

Do you mean "stapling" or "staring"? Stapling: "She was stapling the posters to the wall when he came in." or: "When the stapling was done, they put up streamers." Staring: "They were staring at him." or: "I wish you would stop staring at me."

No. Cat's can't kill birds by staring at them.

The fear of staring is that you might be stared back from the person Neeru:)

Dion Staring was born on 1978-06-09.

If they are: stalking you writing you notes a gazillion times a day trying to hack your email, facebook, ect. staring at you constantly kissing you for a long, long time (even if you try to stop them)

gawking is when you are staring stupidly at means that you are staring at something or someone stupidly.

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