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Q: Why have I never had a crush?
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Did trish have a crush on John cena?

Never!Trish did not have a crush on John cena.

Who does riku have a crush on?

It never says

Who is tayuya's crush?

it is never revealed ..................

How old was Rupert grint when he had a crush on Emma Watson?

he never had a crush on Emma Watson

So my crush told me i'll never forget you but he has a gf?

When your crush tells you that he will never forget you and has a girlfriend it means that he will cherish the memories the two of you made.

Did Harry have a crush on Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

No, Harry never had a crush on Hermione.

Who does Choji have a crush on?

Choji does not exactly have a crush on anybody. Some fans believe that he has a crush on Ino, his teammate. However, that is unlikely and has never been confirmed.

Aj Perez has a crush on empress?

no!! HINDI!! NEVER!!

Who is singing Never Turn Back?

Crush 40.

Does Sasuke have a crush on Sukura?

No, he doesn't and he will never have one!

Did Jeff have a crush on lita?

yes they did have a crush on each other and were very close.

Did Jacob have a crush on Bella when they were little?

That is a question Stephenie Meyer has never fully answered. She does explain about how much fun Jacob and Bella had when they were kids, but she never says if he did or not have a crush on her. But, he probably did.