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Honey bees have made a hive in your lawn because there previous hive has reached maximum capacity. When this happens it is called swarming. The queen produces a female and allows her to take a portion of the drones or workers with her to form a new hive. If the hive I in the lawn it has used a preexisting hole supplied by some form of animal.

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How do bees carry honey?

Bees do not carry honey, which stays in the hive, since they carry nectar to the hive to be made into honey.

Where does bumblebee live?

They live in a hive. Whats a hive? A hive is a bees home made by honey cones honey cones is cold damp honey bees make their hive.

What is the bee's home?

The bees home is made of wax and honey. It is found in trees. Bees nourish youth in the hive. Honey is also made in the hive.

How do you make honey?

Honey is not made by humans. Bees secrete it in their hive. Humans harvest it by smoking the bees to subdue them and then removing some of the honey comb from the hive.

Why do bees take honey to their hive?

Bees don't take honey to the hive (unless they have stolen it from another hive) but they collect nectar and take that to the hive, and make honey from it.Bees eat nectar and pollen, and surplus nectar they collect is made into honey for them to eat when nectar is not available.thanks

Do bees make honey out of their mouths?

No. Honey is made in a honeycomb, out of pollen that bees bring back to the hive on their legs.

How do honey bees make the bee hive?

Bee hives are made of the bees own phecies and the honey is made from 85 % of the bees urine and semen , according to the Havard university study.

What is the house of honey bee called?

Honey bees live in a nest, often called a 'hive.' One hive can hold up to 80,000 bees, most of them workers. It is often located in a hollow tree. The hive is made of honeycomb, which are tightly packed hexagonal cells made of beeswax. They use the hive to store food and house their young.

What are honeybees?

Honey bees are a subset of bees that build a hive made of wax and produce honey. There are several types, but honeybees are usually characterized by having hair on their bodies...

Do bees eat the honey?

Yes, they do. The honey is the food store for the bees.Honey is made from the nectar that the worker bees collect from flowers. It is brought back to the Hive and regurgitated into the honey storage cells, mixed with bee saliva. In the storage cells the water in the nectar evaporates and the honey forms.

What Honey is man made or natural?

All honey is made by bees, therefore it is natural. If it is not made by bees then it is not honey.

What sweet substance is made by bees?

Honey is the sweet substance made by bees.

Are honey bees made out of honey?

They are called honey bees because they collect nectar to make honey.

What is a bee hive made out of?

The bees nest is made from wax

How do honey bees make their honey?

Honey is actually made from the nectar that the bee obtains from flowers. Nectar is the main element in honey-making.When a bee collects the nectar, the nectar is stored in a special pouch in its body. Once this pouch is full, the bee will return to the hive. On the way to the hive though, the bee adds a type of enzyme to the nectar. This enzyme breaks the complex plant sugar in the nectar into simple sugars - glucose and fructose.The bee carries the nectar back to the hive and transferred to the worker bees waiting at the hive. These worker bees store the nectar in honey comb cells. In the hive, more enzymes are added to avoid fermentation and bacteria attack.Finally, the worker bees seal the top of each cell with a thin beeswax cap. This is where the honey will be stored until it is eaten.Worker bees go from flower to flower drinking the nectar. It doesn't go in to the bee's stomach but into a special storage sac called the honey crop. As she swallows the nectar she adds enzymes to it from special glands which start the process of breaking down the complex sugars like sucrose into simple sugars like glucose and fructose. As she flies back to the hive she is probably carrying around 40 milligrams of nectar (she only weighs 90 mg herself!). At the hive entrance she regurgitates the nectar and passes it to one or more hive bees who then swallow it again, adding more enzymes.The hive bees take the nectar and put it into a honeycomb cell. By now the enzymes will have done their job of converting the sugars and we should now call it honey, although at the moment it contains too much water: if left like this it would ferment and spoil. The hive bees fan the stored honey with their wings to promote an air flow. This, together with the warmth in the hive, help evaporate water from the honey. When the bees consider the honey is ready, they cover the cell with wax to seal it. When this happens, the beekeeper knows the honey is ready for collection. bees are also cool according 2 meThey have a little tube that they uncurl from out of their mouth, and they collect the pollen then they produce honey. Then they spit it it out in their hive, in the honey comb! DONT CHANGE MY ANSWERBees gather nectar from flowers, which they then take back to hte hive and 'process' it, in their mouths I believe, to turn it into honey.Bees siphon nectar from flowers, fly it back to the hive, pass some on to other bees to eat, and store the excess in cells in the hive. While the excess nectar was in the bee's body, it was mixed with enzymes that breakdown complex sugars over time. Other bees use their wings to fan air over the cells holding the excess nectar to evaporate the water in it, and when it is dry enough (~17% water), it is what we call honey. Bees then put a wax cap on the cell to protect it. They store honey like this so that they have food available during times when flowers are not blooming.

Is Honey made by other than bees?

No, only Bees produce honey.

What do honey bees make?

more bees After they have made more bees they will make honey, wax and propolis.

Why do bees take flowers pollen?

Bees take pollen to make honey.

What are honeycombs made by bees made of?

Honeycombs are made of bee's wax which is made from the nectar of flowersBeeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees of the genus Apis. It is mainly esters of fatty acids and various long chain alcohols.It is secreted by the bees from glands on their abdomens

How do you drink bees?

You do not drink 'Bees' but you can drink 'mead' which is made from honey made by the Bees.

What is a hive made of?

it is made out of wax and bits of crusted honey :)

Is honey made of honey syrup?

Honey is not made from syrup and it is NOT made of beeswax! It is made from plants, by bees. The bees chew and swallow the juice and pollen from the plants and after it is digested they regurgitate it into the cells of a honey comb.

How does honey get made?

Honey bees (Apis Mellifera), collect nectar from plants, store it in a special stomach especially for that purpose, add various enzymes and then place the mixture in hexagonal cells in the hive. The excess moisture is then removed by other bees and the cell is 'capped' with wax until the honey is ready for use.

How do bees start a hive?

They normally start by locating a dark enclosed, dry space (in a tree trunk, roof or wall cavity - or indeed a man made hive). The colony of bees including the queen move into this and the worker bees use honey that they have stored in their tummies as they left their original hive to make wax (bees wax). they chew up this wax and shape it into a new comb with hexagonal cells. The queen lays new eggs in this and the new colony starts. With more bees, more time, and more comb is produced to store honey and brood young and the new hive becomes established. A resinous substance collected from the buds of certain trees (called Propolis) is used by the bees as a cement or sealant to plug up any gaps in the the walls of the hive so that predators can not get in and the hive entrance is guarded by young workers.

Is bees wax made with bees or honey?

Bees make beeswax and use it to form chambers where they store honey. There are no actual bee parts or honey in beeswax.