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The precession of the Equinoxes has changed the actual beginning dates of when the Sun goes into many of the constellations.

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Q: Why have some of our astrological signs changed?
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Astrological signs and narcissism?

There are four astrological signs that are said to have traits of narcissism in them. They are Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

What is Gemini and Leo?

Astrological signs.

Do people fit their astrological birth signs?

That depends on their astrological birth charts.

What is an astrological sign?

An astrological sign is any of the twelve signs, corresponding to constellations, which are used as the basis of astrology.

What are the 3 astrological fire signs?

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Can you be two astrological signs?

no, you're only born in one month on one day. therefore, you cannot have to astrological signs for two different birthdays, unless you were somehow born twice.

When does the sun change signs?

The sun changes astrological signs generally between the 19th - 22nd of each month. An Astrological chart will guide you as to the particular day they change each month.

What will not affect reaction rates?

Astrological signs will not affect reaction rates.

What are the two astrological signs for people born in February?

Aquarius & Pisces

What is better Gemini or Taurus?

There is not a better astrological sign. Astrological signs are not proven to mean anything about a person's traits and are only a matter of opinion.

What is the Chinese astrological sign for Virgo?

The Chinese signs are according to the year of birth not the western zodiac Sun signs.

What is the boundary between zodiac signs?

In astrology, we define the "cusp" as a border between two astrological star signs.

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