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why have American,and how did they revolution , how did they move to the American

why have American,and how did they revolution , how did they move to the American

why have American,and how did they revolution , how did they move to the American

why have American,and how did they revolution , how did they move to the American

why have American,and how did they revolution , how did they move to the American

why have American,and how did they revolution , how did they move to the American

why have American,and how did they revolution , how did they move to the American

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Who was the American Army's leader in the Spanish-American War?

General Nelson Miles had been the Commanding General of the United States Army since 1895 and personally led the Invasion of Puerto Rico.

Who is the American governor of the Philippines?

The first American governor-general of the Philippines was William Howard Taft. He was appointed by then President, William McKinley in 1900. There has been no American Governor of the Philippines since 1946.

Who owns General American Life Insurance Company?

The General American Life Insurance Company is owned by it's parent company Metlife. The current CEO of Metlife is a man called Steven A. Kandarian since the year 2011.

Sentence of the idiom at daggers dawn?

The idiom "to be at daggers drawn" is used when people are very angry.Example sentence: "John and Ben were at daggers drawnever since Ben took all of John's money in a game of Poker. "

How has foreign and domestic terrorism affected the American people?

The perceived threat of terrorism in general, especially since the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centers has greatly affected the American people. This is especially evident in the formation of the Homeland Security and FEMA government organizations, which can exercise control over the people. As far as day to day living, terrorism has not affected American lives much, at least not to this point in time.

Is Einstein's Theory of General Relativity real?

Yes, it obviously is, since people use it and you have heard of it.

How many US elections have taken place since the US Civil War?

Since the American Civil War, there have been 36 General Elections for President of the United States of America.

Do people like American Girl dolls?

Many people do. Millions of dolls have been sold since the company began in 1986, and 54 million people have visited the retail stores since they opened.

What are the most drawn minnesota Powerball lottery numbers since the beginning?

The most drawn Minnesota Powerball Lottery numbers since the beginning of this lottery are 26, 41, 22, 35, 42, and 45. The most drawn numbers for the Powerball number are 20, 6, 29, 37, and 2.

Why do the 14 Irene symbol never drawn?

Because in March 1998 it had a violation, so it's never drawn since 1. March 1998

Can having your blood drawn cause a blood clot?

Yes, but it's incredibly rare and harmless, since blood is drawn from small surface veins.

Date the 'Mona Lisa' was drawn?

It was not drawn - it is a painting. And I cannot give you a date, since it took a couple of years, 1503-1505.

Was general burgoyne a loyalist or a patriot?

General Burgoyne was neither. He was a brutish general the fought in the American Revolution and lost at the battle of Saratoga (which many consider the turning point of the war) Since he was not from the colonies he could not be either, but if you had to pick he was a loyalist because he was British.

Since a regular hexagon contains no circles it can be drawn using only a straightedge?


Does the letter Q have a line of symmetry?

Depends how it is drawn. If it is drawn without a squiggle at the end, then yes it does. It is at a downward angle. But this letter "Q" is not since it has squiggly at a particular point

General Motors Canada or American owned?

General motors is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, USA. They have many different divisions all over the world specific to each country. During the 2009 bail out of General Motors Canada had purchased 3.5 billion dollars in shares of the company as a bail out plan but it has since been paid back in full to the Canadian government.

How did the duke make sure that people in general do not see the portrait of the duchess in the my last duchess poem?

In lines 9-10, the quote "(since none puts by The curtain I have drawn for you, but I)" is the reason why the general public aren't able to view the painting. He has it painted on the wall, covered by a curtain that only he can open for viewing. He does this because he doesn't want other people 'oggling' the duchess. He presumably killed her in the first place, to stop her and other men from flirting. He wants to 'preserve' her for himself in that painting.

Who is the Antigua Governor-General?

The Governor General of Antigua is currently Rodney Williams since 2014.

How SINCE THEN is pronounced in informal American English is it sinen or what?

Since then is pronounced 'since then.'

Who invented the transportation?

Nobody invented the general idea of transportation. People have been walking since the beginning of time as a form of transportation.

What do people think about general elections?

Most don't seem to think about them since only 1 in 4 votes.

Who is Brianna Brown?

Brianna Brown is an American actress who has been on the ABC soap opera, 'General Hospital.' She is also a director and has been acting since she was in elementary school.

What cemetery outside Washington DC have soldiers buried since American civil war?

Arlington National Cemetry, built on the grounds of General Lee's own home.

Why are underwear called drawers?

because most people put their undies in drawers. ----- haha also or rather first drawers have been garments that are drawn or pulled on since 1567 whereas a drawer has been a box that can be pulled out of a cabinet only since 1580

When was the first horse and buggy reported being used?

People have been using horse-drawn carriages since shortly after the invention of the wheel. The first horse and buggy was used in ancient Sumer.