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During the Korean War, the US supported South Korea and their fight against communism. They have supported Korea and their endeavors since.

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US troops have had a continuous presence in Korea since 1950.

The United States has had a continuous military presence in South Vietnam since the war in 1950.

North Korea. Also, the American troops spent a lot of time fighting the Chinese since China sent in troops to support North Korea, just as the U.S. sent in troops to support South Korea.

The US has maintained presence in South Korea since 1945.

The U.S. has had a strong presence in japan since the end of WW2 particularly on the island of Okinawa

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AnswerUSA and Australia.Australia have been there for South Korea since the Korean War. Australia will help the USA defend South Korea at all costs. Kevin Rudd will make sure he sends troops when North Korea invade or fire a missle at Seoul. The USA are also a major ally of South Korea

As of now, nobody has exactly won(or lost) the Korean War since it has never ended since it's started in 1950.06.25. The two countries (with the United States backing up South Korea) are currently in some sort of stalemate. That is why there are still thousands of troops guarding either side of the border.

0. Since there is no philppines (!) in korea.

No it is a country. Or rather, countries since it is divided up as South Korea and North Korea.

in 1950 6/25 north Korea invaded south Korea. south koreas army was good. but not enough for the north. actually south Korea could have responded and won in the first battle but this day was a holiday for south. the north were ready for fighting with the help of ussr. the south was not ready. and since this was a holiday many troops in the 38th line were in Seoul or busan with there parents.

It represents a possible flash point since US troops are stationed there and a hostile North Korea maintains a large force and has nuclear ambitions.

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Ever since 1951, when North Korea invaded South Korea.

Yes, South Korea has been democratic since 1987.

NORTH KOREA was has been called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or DPRK since 1948.

South Korea has been demoratic since 1986.

We don't know. But they will probably not since we are so close to them in South Korea.

North Korea is communist, since it was taken control of by Soviet Russia.

The cold war is still going on in the penisula. The people and the land are still in seperation. American military troops is still there. North Korea is still under strict planned economy.

Since North and South Korea are both independent countries, then no. There isn't just a plain Korea, either.

They still are and have been since the end of World War 2.

North Korea has been communist since it was founded in 1948.

It will be very difficult for Israeli troops to withdraw from Iraq, since none are there.

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