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No, its not good.... Somebody put a baby in you!

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yes, it usually takes a month or three to re-regulate your period. good luck Joymaker RN

yes it can take 6 months to normalize your flow and 3 years to get pregnant. so relax and good luck Joymaker rn

Most likely, you are pregnant if it has been two moths and if the condom broke. Good luck!!

If u don't like wearing a tampon, just opt out. Make sure you have an good excuse for why you couldn't go.

That is normal I didn't have one when I was on it. You better take fluid pills bc I weighed 93 ponds now I weigh 148 since I was on it I've been off 3 months and still have lots od fliuds on me. Good luck. An your period will be messed up for about 6 months when you get off of it.

If after 4 months of having no period you are either pregnant or have a medical condition that would need to be taken care of immediately. After the first month of a missed period you should have taken a pregnancy test, not waiting until a 4 month mark. Going to see a Ob/Gyn would be a great idea if you havent already made an appointment. Good Luck

becoming pregnant will delay you period for 9 months. Good luck

if ur on your period for 5 months that's probably not good. u could have an infection which causes the bleeding and u should see a doctor

She was sexual for a period of time but shes gotten past that so shes pretty good now.

Not always but it's good to get a pregnancy test if you've missed it for 2 months.

its very good! and really accurate, im pretty sure it was 99.9 percent accurate. ive had it since 2008 and the only trouble i had was for the first few months i had irregular bleeding and huge moodswings. since then i havent had a period and my hormones lay low. it also doesnt hurt, if that's what you're concerned about. they numb your arm

Thats just a period they can be heavy or light some months or all months they can be heavy but its better when your having a light period because you don't feel ewwy

if he is a good friend call him and say srry you havent been calling. if he isn't really a good guy and you barely talk to him in person then no you shouldn't

If you have just started it's perfectly normal to have missed your period for a few months, some girls get there period and then don't get it for another 8 months or so. So as long as you haven't had your period for more than 2-3 years your good. But if you have then i would see a doctor.

well if there is just a small amount of blood and it isn't a lot that means you havent necessarily started your period, before i started my period i had this same situation as you. I didn't think anything about it at all, but you will soon know if and when you have started, good luck :) x

The fact that it blood was brown and was painful raises serious concerns. It is important that you see a gynecologist as soon as possible.

I have the same problem and did the 2 pregnant tests too and they are both negative. However with the spot bleeding and missed period, i am not sure whether i am pregnant or i have vagina infection. I will make appointment to see my doctor to check it out, just to make sure. So i suggest you to do the same. Good luck.....

there is no way you can make your period come but if you are on any medication maybe you should consult your doctor on whether you should stop and if you dont have good fertility it might have something to do with it

There are many reasons for not getting periods for a long time . Stress being the main one , however it could also be pregnancy . You should make an appointment with your GP get some tests done , and he/she will explain to you the reasons for this and put your mind at rest. Good luck , Kimberley .

There are lots of reasons why you may not get your period for months at a time, in teens this can be fairly common due to hormonal imbalance. If you have gone more than three months without a period it's a good idea to check-in with your doctor to make sure everything is okay.

YES!! In my early twenties I hadn't gotten a period in about a year and I got pregnant for my first daughter. We now have four children and are trying for number five. When periods are irregular ovulation is still very possible; however difficult to predict. I would suggest perhaps investing in an ovulation predictor kit. Good Luck!!

yes how long have you had it you period will begin in 1-3 months start carrying around pads good luck

I havent either. But are you sexually active? Because if so, then there is a good chance you could be pregnant. But my doctor said that its totally normal to miss your period on the first sugar pill you take. Good luck

Yes, you can. Although, when you think about it, a missed period IS a symptom. I am about 6 months pregnant and have had absolutely NO symptoms. So, you should take a test just to make sure. Good luck.

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