Why if my son has an arrested order by cedar park Texas court for failure to attended classes?

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Then the best thing for him to do is to turn himself into the police station where the warrant for his arrest was issued. If there is an arrest order for failure to attend classes that means that he if he is over 18 or he and one of his parents went to court on the issue. A truant office had to be involved or he got himself into trouble someplace along the way. Lots of kids skip school and the system is too big to pick out each kid that doesnt attend classes. This goes back to the truant officer of him going before a judge at some point. But bottom line is that if he has an arrest order, he needs to turn himself in ASAP. If there was a court order involved, there is a good chance he will be nailed for violating the court order. But turning himself in and highlighting it might show favorably with the right spin from a good lawyer. I am not a lawyer myself and these are just my thoughts since I passed my LSATS early and was doing paralegal work when I was 16.
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