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It is not. It has been banned in the past at certain schools, but it is no longer currently

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Q: Why is 1984 banned from schools?
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Is DDT banned in the UK?

Yes it was banned in 1984 :)

When was corporal punishments baned in schools in the UK?

In state schools it was banned in 1987. In private schools it was banned in 1999 (England and Wales) and 2000 (Scotland).

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Bibles should be banned from public schools?

The Bible never should be banned from public schools! Everyone is allowed to read it and study it!

What countries have banned homework?

None. No schools or states have banned homework. Some schools have reduced the amount given but it is still given out.

Should Twilight be banned from schools?

Twilight should not be banned from schools because it is the best movie and book ever and it is not that bad for our kids to read!!!!!!

When was corporal punishment banned in Victorian schools?

Corporal punishment remained legal in UK schools throughout the Victorian era. It was therefore not banned during the Victorian period. It was not banned until 1987.

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Should Twilight be banned in schools?


Is the book''the great gilly Hopkins banned from some schools?

this book was banned in some schools because of the cursing of bad words that was in it such as:hellhound,dam,and hell other schools did not exept that for their students

Is silly banz baned from all schools?

no but mainly all private schools banned them