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It's not that important. Many people celebrate their birthday when they're marking a decade.

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Q: Why is 70th birthday important in Germany?
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What is color for 70th birthday?

what color is used for 70th birthday

What is 70Th birthday color?

what color is used for 70th birthday

What is happy 70th birthday in Dutch?

fijne 70ste verjaardag = happy 70th birthday gefeliciteerd met je 70ste verjaardag (literally "congratulations on your 70th birthday" is more commonly used in Dutch than the first translation.

Is there a traditional gift for a 70th birthday?

There is not a set traditional gift for a 70th birthday. Some popular gift ideas may include perfume, photo memorabilia, or a special outing.

What is traditional color or 70th birthday?

yellow and yellow green

Are there any websites that have good 70th birthday gift ideas?

some good websites include : where lots of people can write articles about what they did to celebrate a person's 70th birthday. Next would be the site: where the administrators list gift ideas that are creative.

What are the release dates for The Revlon Revue - 1959 A 70th Birthday Salute to Paul Whiteman 1-7?

The Revlon Revue - 1959 A 70th Birthday Salute to Paul Whiteman 1-7 was released on: USA: 24 March 1960

What is 70th birthday celebration in hindus called?

Bhisma Ratha Santhi or Bheesma ratha Shanti

What are 70th birthday gift ideas?

This website,, has many great ideas for someone turning 70. A personalized gift is always a good gift, so browse around on this website to get inspiration.

Can you see Paul McCartney and or Ringo Starr perform anymore?

I saw them both perform together on Ringo's 70th birthday - Ringo did a show at Radio City Music Hall on his 70th birthday last year and Paul came out to play The Beatles song Birthday with him from the Beatles White Album. It was one of the highlights of my life !!!!

With a little help from his friends what British beat maker celebrates his 70th birthday today?

Ringo Starr

What actor famous for his leading role in Easy Rider celebrates his 70TH birthday today?

Peter Fonda