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The Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass all have "A" strings, so picking the note "A" as the tuning note allows all of the string instruments in the orchestra to have a common reference point. The violin and bass do not have a "C" string.

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Q: Why is A the note for tuning up an orchestra and not C?
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What is the bass clarinet's tuning note?

The tuning note is C

Which note does an orchestra tune to?

a above the middle C

Is an orchestra's Middle C the same in all countries?

Not exactly. "A" is actually the tuning note (6 notes above middle C). In the US, it is at 440 mhz, in the UK, it is 435 mhz, and in Australia it is 445 mhz.

What note does the orchestra play for them all to tune to?

Middle 'C'

What is the lowest note a violin?

With a standard tuning, the lowest note is G below middle C on the piano.

From which instrument's A note does an orchestra tune up?

First, the orchestra does not tune to an "A." It tunes to a "concert B flat." This is of course, is concert pitch, so it depends on the instrument playing it. "C" instruments play a "B flat," "B flat" instruments play a "C," "E flat" instruments play a "D flat" The instrument typically tuned to is either the oboe (C), bassoon (C), or, in the absence of these, the clarinet (B flat). The reason for this is because these instruments have the least variability in tuning when assembled.Typically, the orchestra tunes to the Oboe playing "A". Usually A-440. Zubin Mehta used to tune his orchestra's to A-448 which rendered a brighter tone overall.

What are the four string notes on an ukulele?

The standard tuning used in most places is gCEA with re-entrant tuning. So the notes are G, C, E and A with the C string being the lowest note.

Which note do orchestral players use for tuning purposes?

The A above middle C ... it should be 440 Hertz

What is the order of ukulele strings?

GCEA is the current standard tuning, from the top down. The C is the lowest note.

How are the strings tuned ON ukulele?

There are many ways of tuning an ukulele. The standard tuning in most places is GCEA, with the C being the lowest note. The Baritone ukulele is usually tuned DGBE.

What order do the ukulele strings go?

It will depend on what your tuning your instrument to. The standard from the top of the instrument is GCEA, and the C is the lowest note.

IS the c note on the ukulele higher pitched than the g note?

The ukulele uses re-entrant tuning. Yes, the G string is lower than the C string.Alternatively, you can tune it with a low G.

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