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There is a real answer to this one, but it is not politically correct. I lived in Africa for more than 40 years.

Pliny was wrong, there is not always something new out of Africa. That's the problem. Africa stayed where it was for millenia - they didn't invent an alphabet and written language, neither did they make use of wheeled transport except in isolated cases. These are two of the corner stones of any technological society. Engineering is based on mathematics. Another discipline Africa knew nothing of.

Look at the facts. Then find an answer that fits the facts. If newer facts force one to update or abandon one's answer, so be it.

Statistically, any society needs a certain percentage of its population that is mentally agile. These people will be responsible for the bulk of all the advances of that society. I don't know what that percentage is - my guess is 10 - 15%. Africa does not have the required number of these achievers able to lift the whole society. And that's it.

Africans are not responsible for this state of affairs. None of us made ourselves.

Pliny was wrong, Abu Tib was right: in Africa the man with the gun will always be boss. Don't expect too much of Africa. After all, it is Africa.

Because they do not need charity, they inspiration. Charity only send them a loaf of bread to keep them alive in their wretchedness or give them an entertainment to make them forget for few hours or days. so if we want to help them we have to inspire them or demonstrate them that how they can become rich.

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