Ashley Tisdale

Why is Ashley so cool?

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Why is Ashley Parker so cool?

Ashley Parker Is So Cool Because She Gets A Kiss Off Lucy Canning In The Ear

Is Ashley Day cool?

Ashley Nicole day is fukiing cool!!!!!!!!(:

Is the name Ashley cool?

Very cool!

Does Ashley have a Ashley world?

cool smart funny

What is Ashley Tisdale's facebook password?

hey ashley tisdale this is your best fan every i love your song it is so cool and great i love it

Is Ashley Greene's full name really Ashley Michelle Greene?

Yes, her full name is Ashley Michele Greene. cool!

Is Ashley Tisdale cool?

She is the coolest girl ever.

Is Ashley a cool name?

yes it is it a awesome name

Is Ashley corke cool?

No, unfortunately. Sorry to let you know.

Why is Ashley Greene important to you?

She's cool, but she isn't important to me.

What if Ashley Tisdale was kyle butlers girlfriend?

it would be so cool for that dude even though hes 11 years old

Who is better Mary Kate olsen or Ashley Olsen?

Mary-Kate Olsen! Definitely! She is way more cool, funny, smart and pretty than Ashley Olsen! I still like Ashley though.... but I just like Mary-Kate better, and so does everyone I know.

Who is better Bridgit Mendler or Ashley Tisdale?

BRIDGIT definitly BRIDGIT sorry ashley but bridgit is more in style your still cool

Is there an Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron site?

yes there is i went there it is so cool and awesome. Yes I am creating 1 i will tell you the address wen I a done.

What are cool nicknames for the name Ashley?

ashashy babeAsherLili

Is Ashley Tisdale pregnant?

No, Ashley Tisdale is not and was not pregnant.I don't think so

Zac and Ashley together?

Yes they are going out they admmited it in a interview how cool is that zac dumped vannessa

Who has more fans Ashley or Vanessa?

Answeri no caus i have talked on msn to both of them that vanessa has about 178 and Ashley has 4000so Ashley has more vanessa suckes compeard to Ashley

Is Ashley massaro's name Ashley massaro?

Yes Her actual name in real life is Ashley Mizassaro. Or so it is on her Myspace account.

What color eyes does Ashley purdy have?

Ashley Purdy has brown eyes and he is so adourable

What do you do if the guy you like likes another girl?

Ok. I will make an example here to help you. Say Jenna likes Caleb, and Caleb likes Ashley. Jenna should stay cool and don't totally freak out towards Ashley. If she does then Caleb might not like her. Just stay cool and if Caleb and Ashley work out, then just take Caleb aside and tell him you like him. Maybe he likes you back. Maybe he just go together with Ashley because he knew she liked him. But he likes Jenna more than Ashley but he's scared that Jenna wont like him back so he just goes with the easier girl to go out with. I hope that helps and its not too confusing.

Is Ashley Tisdale Morman?

no Ashley tisdale is just Ashley tisdale not a morman

Why is suggs so cool?

because he is so cool! fish!

What is condonsation?

sommer is so cool sommer is so cool

Has Ashley retired?

if you mean Ashley massaro from the WWE then yes she has, her daughter is extremely sick and Ashley asked for an early release so she could care for her.