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Buddhism is considered a philosophy and not a religion because, the Buddha is not a god, there is no "God" in Buddhism. The main tenant is that we are all capable of Buddhahood.

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Yes Buddhism is both a religion and a philosophy

Buddhism is a Philosophy, not a religion.

Buddhism which is a philosophy, not a religion. He had no religion

It is a matter of opinion.

It is more of a philosophy than a religion. Just like buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion as well.

Buddhism is a philosophy or a religion. Members of any ethnic group can be Buddhist.

noneAnswer:Buddhism is alternately viewed as a religion and as a philosophy. It has many of the elements of a religion (soul, afterlife) but not others (god(s))

taoism (not philosophy here but a religion) and buddhism.

no, they did not allow anything but the philosophy of legalism

A religion, not a philosophy, with Buddha as a divine figure.

Buddhism is a monotheistic religion, often described as more like a philosophy than a religious faith. There are no gods in Buddhism. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion in which there are multiple gods.

Buddhist philosophy is a part of the religion of Buddhism, dealing extensively with problems in metaphysics, phenomenology, ethics, and epistemology.

The major difference between Hinduism and Buddhism are that Hinduism is a polytheistic religion while Buddhism is a non-theistic religion or philosophy of life, the universe and everything.

Confucianism is a philosophy and buddhismis a religion. They believe in not harming animals.

Buddhism is a philosophy, not a religion. It does not involve worship at all.

Buddhism was recognized as a philosophy/religion about 2500 years ago. It continues today in almost every country in the world.

yes, Buddhism is a belief.Answer:Buddhism is a religion for many purposes - taxes, charitable status, lists of religions in text books. It is not counted as a religion by some other faiths who feel that a religion has to have the concept of a deity somewhere in its make up, Buddhism does not to this s these folks count Buddhism as a philosophy. It should be pointed out that Buddhism has a concept similar to "souls" and afterlife, a system of monks and nuns and temples which are usually associated with religion.

The word Buddhism is a singular, proper, abstract noun; a the name of a specific religion or philosophy based the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

Many Buddhists prefer the definition of a philosophy rather than a religion.

It depends on what you consider a "religion." Most people who give this label are really asking whether any belief resembles Christianity -- it's a loaded question. There are many kinds of Buddhism. Some are non-theistic (i.e., there is no divine being). Detractors -- and some supporters -- use this to say that Buddhism is not a religion, but a philosophy. But remember that the religion has been around for 2500 years - it has developed so many branches that it is useless to talk about what "real" Buddhism is.

Since budda started helping people; and when he died it became offical Buddhism was not founded to be a religion, but as a Philosophy in ending suffering. However, there are some countries who combined it with their religon, thus, it become a pseudo-religion. Example is Japan who combined Buddhism with their Shinto religion.

Buddhism is more of a philosophy then a religion so women can take part on an equal footing. however there are a lot of different schools of thought in Buddhism.

Buddhism contains many minor deities, but the philosophical aspect of it could be considered atheistic.AnswerBuddhism is a philosophy, AND it is an "inclusive" religion.Look to the origins of indigenous Asian Religions; Hindi, Confucianism, Buddhism: beginning, middle, end. You will find that they all 3 work together synonymously throughout the life time/age of an individual and that individuals need for understanding.Jainism (Hindi Origin) is Atheistic, not Buddhism.

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