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They're not that secretive. You can find all the member's names on Wikipedia.

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Why are ghost so secretive?

Ghosts are not purposely secretive. A ghost does not have human form, because of this, most people can not see them.

Is secretive an adjective?

Yes, it is. While the word "secret" can also be used as an adjective, secretive refers to people or their activities: to keeping secrets or to deliberately hiding something.So you would not have a "secretive plot" (secret plot) but you could have a "secretive person" or group.

What is clandestine affair?

Clandestine means secretive, so a clandestine affair is an affair that is kept hidden. It usually refers to secretive romantic relationships.

What is a sash clamp?

It is a clamp that has two adjustable ends so the you can clamp various sized jobs. it is manly used for gluing purposes

How do you use the word secretive in a sentence?

They whispered a lot. Must be trying to talk in secretive manner.

Who invented the clamp?

It is so old that no one today knows who made the first clamp.

What is a simile for secretive?

As secretive as a secluded fawn

What are synonyms of password?

it is a secretive word it is a secretive word

What rhymes with secretive?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word secretive.

What is the adjective form of secret?

Secretive - "a secretive person".

What is noun of secretive?

The noun form of the adjective secretive is secretiveness. The word secretive is the adjective form of the noun secret.

Why might the yeti be so secretive?

The Yeti if he exists might be secretive because he does not trust man. Humans are known to hurt animals and to destroy so if he had observed any of this he might consider us a danger.

Are there more Lesbians than gay men in Pakistan?

The LGBT community in Pakistan is secretive, so no surveys exist on the subject.

Which star sign is the most secretive?

It is the Leo. they keep secrets so beware

Why the underground railroad have to be so secretive?

1) It was illegal. 2) It was profitable to destroy.

Why is Kate Gosselin so secretive about her own family?

Kate Gosselin hasn't been secretive about her family, she addressed the issue of her parents in the Viewer FAQ episode of Season 4.

What is a clamp and how is it used?

There are many different types of clamps so you would have to be more specific. There is a clamp stand that secures and extension type utility clamp to a ring or support stand.

What does the word surreptitiously mean?

It means quite and or secretive. It means quite and or secretive.

How would you put secretive in a sentence?

I slide into the room secretive like to not get captured

How many words secretive word syllable?

How Many words that have secretive syllable

Can you give me a sentence using the word secretive?

The people in the back of the room talking were very secretive. The people in the back of the room talking were very secretive.

How do you use secretive in a sentence?

The governor thinks that a secretive cabal of malcontents is responsible for the acts of sabotage to the railroad. "Secretive" is an adjective - it modifies the noun "cabal".

Why was King Tutankhamun's burial so secretive?

The burial of King Tutankhamen was so secretive because recent graves such as the Pyramid's had been stolen from as the King's jewels were stored in there with him for the afterlife. So the Egyptians thought that if buried secretly the then the thieves would not be able to steal from the tomb.

I love you so much you dont even know?

because you a very secretive about who you love

Why is Toby so secretive about Jenna on Pretty Little Liars?

Cause he molested her when they were younger

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