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Why is CO poisonous but carbon dioxide is less toxic?

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CO displaces oxygen in the blood stream and once it bonds with the blood cells, it is hard to dislodge. A person with an overdose of CO will die sometimes even if they are given pure oxygen because the pure oxygen has nothing to bond to and be carried to the body cells. The blood cells accept CO more readily than oxygen and hang on to it longer.

CO2 is also dangerous, but in a different way. CO2 does not react with the body as does CO, but if the concentration of CO2 is too high, then that means that not enough oxygen is available. This can also kill you -- but the effect is more like holding your breath than breathing a toxic chemical. Too much CO2 isn't bad by itself, it's just that it usually goes along with not enough O2, which is bad. This commonly affects underwater swimmers for instance who build up too much CO2 in their bloodstream as they swim underwater, causing them to pass out under water and drown. You should NEVER hyperventilate before swimming a long distance under water -- my father nearly drowned this way!

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Why is less carbon dioxide leaving the atmosphere?

The largest carbon dioxide sink is the ocean. The ocean is becoming less able to hold carbon dioxide, largely because it is getting warmer. Therefore, less carbon dioxide is leaving the atmosphere and entering the ocean.

How does temperature affect carbon dioxide in soda?

the higher the temperature the more carbon dioxide the colder the less carbon dioxide there is

IS blood less acidic when the carbon dioxide exits?

Is blood less acidic when carbon dioxide leaves the lungs

Is carbon dioxide more or less dense than air?

Carbon Dioxide is less denser than air.

How might photosynthesis and plant growth be affected by carbon dioxide?

Carbon Dioxide is the necessary component in the process of photosynthesis. With less CO2, the plants photosynthesis will be less rapid, as opposed to an area rich with CO2, where the plants would conduct photosynthesis very quickly. Too much Carbon, however, can prove toxic.

Why is carbon monoxide not called carbon oxide?

Chemists like to use informative names for chemicals. Since there are two common oxides of carbon, which are carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) it would be less informative if we just called both of them carbon oxide. The distinction is often quite important, because carbon monoxide is quite toxic, while carbon dioxide is not toxic, and is a normal component of the atmosphere (although at the present time, we do have a bit too much of it).

Is carbon dioxide the same as carbon monoxide?

No it's not the same. Carbon monoxide is CO and carbon dioxide is CO2. Carbon monoxide comes out of car exhausts and is poisonous if breathed in. CO2 is much less dangerous, though it is also a health hazard if the concentration is high enough. There are two oxygens atoms attached to the carbon atom in carbon dioxide (thus the name). There is only one oxygen atom attached to the carbon atom.

Has Earth's atmosphere less carbon dioxide than venus?

Yes, much less. Earth's atmosphere is less than 1% carbon dioxide. Venus's atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and on top of that is 93 times denser than Earth's.

How does burning less fossil fuels reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere?

When you burn fossil fuels to make enrgy, carbon dioxide is released. So, if you burn less fossil fuels, less carbon dioxide is released.

Does an economical car reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air?

No car can actually reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, but an economical car will add less additional carbon dioxide to the air than a less economical one.

Why does a car with good gas mileage produce less carbon dioxide in the air?

If it burns less fuel it makes less carbon dioxide. Good gas mileage means that you need less fuel for your journeys.

How do trees help the earth?

they breath out oxygen for the humans and breath in carbon dioxide which helps the earth have less carbon dioxide

What happens when you inhale carbon dioxide?

When you inhale carbon dioxide your lungs tighten and your breathing becomes a lot less fuctional.

What describes seasonal changes in the levels of carbon dixode in the atmosphere?

Plants use carbon dioxide, so there is less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the summer.

Why is the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide less than the amount of carbon dioxide emissions produced by burning of fossil fuels?

Because trees consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

Does the air have more or less carbon dioxide in when you inhale?

Its nearly impossible to determine, but one thing I do know, is that there is more carbon dioxide in the air in the south, and less in the north.

How temperature change pH?

Less carbon dioxide dissolves in hot water than cold. If there is less carbon dioxide dissolved there is less carbonic acid in the water. If there is less carbonic acid, the pH will be closer to neutral.

Is carbon dioxide gas more soluble at higher temperatures?

No, as with any gas carbon dioxide is less soluble at higher temperatures.

How might a gas tax reduce carbon dioxide emissions?

higher prices means people will drive less, and when people drive less carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

What would the most likely result humans stopped burning fossil fuels?

There would be less Carbon Dioxide In the atmosphere. (APEX)

What substance is formed when carbon burns?

When Carbon is burnt the main product formed is Carbon dioxide(CO2), which is in gaseous state. It the combustion is done where oxygen supply is less, small amounts of impurity, Carbon monoxide(CO), is formed along with the main product. This is also a gas but it is colorless, flammable and highly toxic. This gas is very flammable and will burn with a blue flame to produce Carbon dioxide.

What is the environmental impact of propane fuel?

Much safer to useNon-toxic, insoluble in water, no threat to soil, and aquifers water supplyEmits much less carbon dioxide

Do you breathe mostly carbon dioxide?

No, air is mostly nitrogen and oxygen with very very little carbon dioxide (less than 1%)What you exhale is mostly nitrogen, oxygen, and some carbon dioxide.

What would cause the blue btb solution containing elodea to turn green?

carbon dioxide from the plant and the more yellow the solution is the more Carbon Dioxide there is. The greener or bluer it is, the less carbon dioxide.

Does carbon dioxide have solubility?

The solubility of carbon dioxide in water is 1,45 g/L at 25 0C and 100 kPa; of course carbon dioxide is more or less soluble also in other liquids.