Why is Christianity holy?


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Christianity is holy as god is holy and we are his children.

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Yes. The holy book of Christianity is the Bible.

The primary Holy Book of Christianity is the Bible, aka Holy Scripture.

In essence, Christianity has but two holy cities. Jerusalem is the foundation of Christianity and is holy to all Christians. Rome is the basis of Catholic faith and is holy to Roman Catholics.

The main text of Christianity is the Holy Bible.

The sacred text for Christianity is The Holy Bible.

No Quran is the holy book of Islam religion per Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Bible is the holy book of Christianity,

The Christian holy book is called "The Bible"

Sundays are a holy day of obligation.

Globally speaking, the Holy Bible.

There are no "holy" months, but Catholics celebrate Lent.

The holy cities of Christianity are those cities that were important in the life and death of Jesus. These cities are Galilee and Jerusalem.

In Christianity there are two holy cities. Due to Jesus's travels Jerusalem is considered a holy place, but the Vatican in Italy, where Catholicism began and where the Pope resides is also considered a holy city.

The holy bible. Or the sacred book of Christianity, they say.

Christianity, as a whole, has only one 'Holy Book' and that is the Bible. There are various versions of it in translation around the world.

Judaism: Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) Christianity: Bible Islam: Holy Quran

The Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.

The holy book for Christianity is called The Bible.

The Holy Bible is from God and is the scripture of Christianity.

the holy bible of Christianity is what the Christians use and follow. Christians believe everything that is in the book. the holy bible talks about the differences between heaven and the under world

The city which is sacred and holy for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is Yerushalaim, Jerusalem, AlQods, respectively.

No one is really holy except Christ. In Catholicism, Popes are considered holy men.

there are many holy days for Christians such as Easter, christmas...etc

Those who believe in the Holy trinity of God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.

Mecca is the holy city of Islam, and has no particular significance in Christianity or Judaism. There are many holy cities for each faith however. For example Jerusalem is a holy city of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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