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Computer hardware is the components that make up a computer. Computer architecture is the model used to combine the Hardware into a working unit.

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computer architecture refers to the relationship between different hardware component of a computer organisation refers to how operational attributes are linked togather to realised the architecture specifications.

Wing N. Toy has written: 'Computer hardware/software architecture' -- subject(s): Computer architecture, Software architecture

Computer hardware engineers design computers, modems, and new computer chips. The Occupational Outlook Handbook has more information.

The study of computer architecture and organization focuses on the interface between hardware and software, and emphasizes the structure and behavior of the system. As Computer Scientists, we need a basic understanding of computer system itself in order to rectify these problems.

An interrupt is a signal sent by a piece of hardware or software to another piece of hardware or software.

what is relevance between computer and architecture

Enterprise architecture is a computer term for the type of computer systems used to support a company. It encompasses both the hardware and the software used by the business for its day to day work.

Computer architecture means behavior and structure of system while "computer organization" deals with how the various hardware components interact with each other to perform various functionalities (micro instructions) and are usually transparent to the user

The computer is the hardware. Without the hardware there is no computer.

The Advantages of computer hardware is if your computer using hardware is more faster than the others

A computer monitor is hardware.

It is computer related hardware.

Computer architecture is the structure and organization of a computer's hardware or software system. Software engineering is the technological and managerial discipline concerned with systematic production and maintenance of software products. Computer Architecture is the science and art of selecting and interconnecting hardware components to create computers that meet functional, performance and cost goals. Computer architecture is not about using computers to design buildings.

Computer architecture is not useful for the people whose use the computer for general purposes. Mostly, computer architecture helps those people who are in the manufacturing/development sector.

ias computer architecture with diagram

nano programing in computer architecture

The computer architecture is concerned with how the CPU acts and uses the computer memory.

Judging by your question I can try to answer with the following: I believe what you are referring to would be the Computer's "Form Factor" that will determine what parts and/or components you can install in a particular CPU case. The form factor does control how you would organize the parts, it dictates the architecture, and what hardware you are allowed to install. Some form factors are:AT/Baby AT, ATX, LPX, BTX, NLX. The most common used today would be ATX. To over-simplify things: Computer Architecture is the idea which specifies how the different parts should work together, and how they should work individually. Computer Organization is the plan for implementing the ideas in the Architecture. The Computer Hardware is what results from implementing these.

In computer engineering computer organization or micro architecture is a description of the electrical circuitry of a computer, centrol processing unit or digital signal processor that is sufficient for completly describing the operation of the hardware.

Neil Willis has written: 'Introduction to computer architecture' -- subject(s): Computer architecture 'Computer Architecture and Communications'

Computer hardware is the physical parts of the computer. This is in contrast to software, which is the non physical programs that the hardware runs.

Computer hardware is the physical computer part, accessory or component. Hardware refers to a thing. Software is the program that runs on the hardware. It is the code that tells the hardware what to do,not a physical thing you can touch.