Why is DNA more stable than RNA?

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Why is DNA a more stable genome repository than RNA?

Because DNA forms a double helix.

Why RNA can be hydrolyzed by dilute alkali but not DNA?

as DNA is more stable than RNA .So,RNA gets easily hydrolysed easily by hydrolysing phosphodiester bond.

Is DNA longer or shorter than rna?

RNA is shorter than DNA because it is less stable than DNA due the presence of hydroxides.

Which one more stable DNA or RNA?

DNA is more stable form then RNA b/c DNA is present in double helix form & is highly super coiled which make it more stable and carries genetic information from parents to off springs.

Which one is stable DNA or RNA?

DNA is more stable than RNA. DNA is double-stranded and forms a double helix. RNA is usually single-stranded and folds back on itself to form stem-loop structures. RNA has 2'-OH group that can participate in intramolecular reactions, facilitating hydrolysis.

Why RNA is unstable though it is single stranded but DNA is stable during double strand.?

Both DNA and RNA exist as single and double strands. yet the structure of a DNA is more stable then RNA. The main difference between the two nucliec acids is that DNA contains Deoxyribose and RNA contains ribose sugar which has a free hydroxyl group in its pentose ring which makes it prone for hydrolysis, thereby making it more unstable than the DNA.

Why RNA virus is more dangerous than DNA virus?

RNA viruses are more dangerous because they mutate more rapidly than DNA viruses.

How is the sugar in RNA different from the sugar in DNA?

The sugar in RNA is ribose, whereas the sugar in DNA is deoxyribose. The only difference between the two is that in deoxyribose, there is an oxygen missing from the 2' carbon (there is a H there instead of an OH). This makes DNA more stable/less reactive than RNA.

Why you use cDNA as Probe instead of DNA?

Complementary DNA (cDNA) is a doublestranded DNA version of RNA . Messenger RNA is a more useful predictor of a polypeptide sequence than DNA, because the introns have been spliced out. Scientists use cDNA rather than mRNA itself because RNAs are less stable than DNA.

Is DNA-RNA hybrid is more stronger than RNA-RNA hybrid?


Why can't the messages be taken right from the RNA?

The reason that the instructions for creating proteins are stored as DNA, and not RNA is that RNA is much less stable than DNA. This means that if the information (or message) for how to create a protein was kept on RNA, it would soon degrade - and the instructions would be lost. DNA is much more stable than RNA, and because it does not leave the nucleus (in eukaryotic cells) it is much less likely to be degraded. This is why the instructions for protein synthesis cannot originate with RNA. DNA is more stable for many reasons, two of the simplest being; it is double-stranded (the hydrogen bonds in the centre provide stability) and it contains an H on its 2 position instead of an OH (less likely to be involved in reactions).

Once DNA evolved why would it have become the primary means of transmitting genetic information?

DNA is more stable than RNA and that is why it evolved as a long term storage of genetic information

What makes DNA good for storing genetic material?

According to Biologists, DNA is more stable than RNA and therefore has a greater ability to store genetic information within the nucleus.

Why is RNA more dangerous than DNA?

Neither RNA nor DNA are dangerous; your body needs both to survive.

Can deoxyribonucleic acid be destroyed?

In what sense ??If you treat DNA with the digesting enzyme DNAse, then the DNA is gone!-I have to say DNA is very stable than RNA though.

What probably accounts for the switch to DNA-based genetic systems during the evolution of life on Earth?

DNA is chemically more stable and replicates with fewer errors (mutations) than RNA.

Why rna virus is more mutant than dna virus?

during replication RNA-polimeraze it make a lot of erros.In this ways RNA viruses it mutate faster than DNa viruses.

Did RNA exist before DNA?

Scientists theorize that RNA was present before DNA was made because RNA is much more simpler than DNA and some can even act as an enzyme.

Is DNA shorter then RNA?

No... DNA is much longer than RNA.

How do DNA molecules differ from the RNA molecule?

Unlike DNA, RNA is almost always a single-stranded molecule and has a much shorter chain of nucleotides. RNA contains ribose, rather than the deoxyribose found in DNA (there is a hydroxyl group attached to the pentose ring in the 2' position whereas RNA has two hydroxyl groups). These hydroxyl groups make RNA less stable than DNA because it is more prone to hydrolysis. Several types of RNA (tRNA, rRNA) contain a great deal of secondary structure, which help promote stability.

Why is deoxyribose instead of ribose found in DNA?

The only difference between deoxyribose and ribose is that the Oxygen from the 2' carbon is not there in the deoxyribose - 'deoxy' meaning less oxygen. This makes DNA much more stable than RNA, as RNA is easily destabilised at basic pH.

DNA is more resistant to hydrolysis than RNA what feature of DNA is responsible for this characteristic?


DNA is found primarily in the cell whereas RNA is found primarily in the cell?

DNA is less stable than RNA,hence it is used to carry genetic information, as during many cellular activities,like DNA replication, transcription, DNA as to unwind. DNA is found in the nucleus

What part of the DNA molecules is DNA named after?

DNA is named DNA because it is de-oxy ribo nucleic acid. In contrast to RNA, DNA doesnt have 2'-oxygen in the ribose sugar hence it is stable than RNA. Chemically DNA is the same for any genes that code for different proteins.

During DNA duplication primer called RNA primer why?

The initiation of the reaction is favoured energetically by formation of this RNA-DNA hybrid.This hybrid is more stronger than DNA-DNA hybrid