Why is Drama used as nickname?

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ANSWER: Drama is used as a nickname for Dramatic, and why asy dramatic club? You can just say Drama Club.

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Q: Why is Drama used as nickname?
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How did Chris Pfaff get the nickname drama?

his full nickname is drama beats from wanting to become a a music producers by making beats then i guess rob gave him drama beats

How did drama get his nickname on entourage?

if you have seen the show, u will know that johnny is a drama queen... get it?

What was drama originally used for and by whom?

Drama was originally used for religious ceremonies Drama was originally used for religious ceremonies

How did barack obama get his nickname?

I am not sure which nickname you are asking about. When he was younger, President Obama shortened his birth name of Barack and turned it into "Barry." But eventually, when he was in college, he decided to embrace his name and he has not used "Barry" since that time. It has not been reported that he has another nickname, although some of his friends jokingly call him "No Drama Obama" because he is known for having a basically calm personality and not getting involved in lots of emotion and drama.

Which actor has the nickname McDreamy?

The actor who was given the nickname McDreamy is Derek Christopher Shepherd, for his role as a fictional surgeon in the TV series Grey's Anatomy on the ABC Drama channel.

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It's a nickname for Nevada. Colorado also used to have the nickname

How is mime used in Drama?

Mime is used in Drama to get across thoughts and feelings without using words.

What can a drama studio be used for?

To act in

What is scenery used for in drama?


What is the most used nickname for grandma?

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Why do you use still images in drama?

Still images can be used to express an emotion, thought, devise Drama and enhance a piece of drama

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