Why is Gold so expensive?

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Gold is expensive Because it's rare and delicate therefore it's classified for a lot of money . I think it is because,
1) can make ornaments.
2) it wont rust or spoil by its own like other metals.
3)Not easily available like other metals.
4) ladies are like to wear gold ornaments.
Gold is expensive because there is very little found in what is mined and extraction costs are high. Moreover, gold is running out.
Another aspect to gold being expensive is you are looking at it from the perspective of what it is priced in. For U.S. citizens it is priced in dollars. As our government via the Federal Reserve prints more dollars, things become more expensive.
Too look at it another way, if all the money in the world bought all the goods in the world, and then you doubled the amount of money, you haven't created any more wealth, you've just made goods twice as expensive.

All the Gold ever mined in human history could only build about 1/3 of the Washington Monument. If all the gold mined on earth was distributed equally to the 6+ Billion population each person could only have 20 - 25 Grams. Gold has exceptional chemical stability is only reacts with a few combination of highly concentrated acids, in the normal environment it never wears down or changes in any way. Its the 2nd best electrical conductor we know of, silver is 1st. Its one of the best thermal conductors. Its one of the most reflective materials known when polished. Its one of the 3 metals that have a unique color, Copper is another being Red-Orange, and Germanium is greyish-blue. Gold has a history of being used as Money back to ancient times. Gold has to be recovered from widely distributed small amounts, randomly dispersed across the globe. Gold recovery uses large amounts of manpower, industrial and chemical equipment. Gold is lost in electronic products when they are disposed of, as the small amounts of gold per item and not economical to recover. Its also used in satellites and space technology. Most high technology items use a significant amount of gold for sensors and electrical contacts. Gold has been stolen, used for bribes, and sought after by diverse cultures for all of human history. Gold is cool stuff.
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Why are aluminum pools so expensive?

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Why are diamonds so expensive?

Gem quality diamonds are expensive because demand is stimulated bygreat marketing while supply is constrained by the limited sourcesof gem quality diamonds dug out of the ground, the expense ofcreating man-made diamonds to compete with them, and to some degreemonopolistic practices by those controll ( Full Answer )

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Why is gold expensive?

Gold is both rare and highly desired. The price results from the law of supply and demand.

Why is art so expensive?

All things are subject to the laws of supply and demand. Original art is unique and there for the supply, being 1, is extremely rare. If it is in demand then it's price will undoubtedly be high.

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Ask yourself why does a Cadillac cost more than a Chevrolet and you have your answer. People are simply willing to pay for the user friendliness and platform stability that comes with Macs, as opposed to their crash and virus prone PC cousins. Apple builds quality computers that when compared to qua ( Full Answer )

Why is crude oil so expensive?

As it is a Fossil fuel that is running out at quite a quick pace, and because it is harder to find the price goes up thus giving you why it is so expensive. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_is_oil_so_expensive If you prefer something a little more elaborate than we're running out of oil, which ( Full Answer )

Why are iPhones so expensive?

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Why is petrol becoming so expensive?

One simple answer: OPEC. They are a monopoly who set the price of all the oil they sell. There is no shortage of oil as you would be led to believe by the media. There is a shortage of refineries because of politics.

Why are strats so simple but so expensive?

One word: capitalism. . They're not really selling the guitar, they're selling the name or 'brand'. The truth is that they can charge whatever price they want and people will still buy them because... well, it's a Strat. . It's absurd, I know - I want one too (US standard in 'olympic white' with m ( Full Answer )

Why gold is expensive?

Every material which is scarce is costly so is gold. Platinum is costlier than gold for the same reason..so are diamonds,etc

How expensive is gold?

Several hundred dollars per ounce. (600 the last time I checked. More recently (2010) it has traded in the $1,000 range. Gold changes daily according to the international market based onsupply and demand economics.the daily fluctuation is generated forbuyers as the "Spot Price". Anyone can check t ( Full Answer )

Gold is metal so is aluminum why is gold so expensive and aluminum so cheap?

Gold is much rarer (i.e. there is less of it and what there is isharder to find) than aluminum. There is also demand for gold due to special properties that it hasthat aluminum doesn't that increases the price. Gold is a much moreattractive metal than aluminum. Gold does not corrode, whilealuminum a ( Full Answer )

Why is gold so expensive and aluminum is so cheap?

Gold is much more dearer these days because there is less of it then aluminum. Also aluminum is a renewable source that can be used infinite amount of times. Aluminium is used more in daily life and gold is used for flourishing fashion accessories.But if we actually counted the amount of times alumi ( Full Answer )

Is gold the most expensive?

Gold can be the most expensive, but it all depends on the economy. Even the price of gold CAN drop because of the economy. If the value of money decreases the value of gold increases because no one can afford it. Since we are currently in a recession, the price of gold is at its all time high.

Is diamond or gold more expensive?

gold isn't more expensive than diamond at all.A small piece of gold is $3,000 while a small piece of diamond is $500,000 to $5,000,000

Why is the death penalty so expensive?

Legal costs: Almost all people facing the death penalty cannot afford their own attorney. The state must assign them two public defenders, and pay for the costs of the prosecution as well. Pre-trial costs: Capital cases are far more complicated than non-capital cases. Experts will probably be neede ( Full Answer )

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Why is demon's souls so expensive?

My understanding is this. 1 st Altus, the company that brought it out to the US market has a history of not making that many copies of a game. This already makes it rare compared to most game realess. It's been written that they ran out of "deluxe" editions for the pre order and had to make more. I ( Full Answer )

Why is copper so expensive?

The law of supply and demand dictates that the more scarce a commodity is, the more valuable it is. Therefore, precious metals like gold, silver, and copper are very expensive. Additionally, mining of metals has a huge overhead cost in mining machinery, territory rights, and in paying workers enou ( Full Answer )

Why are mobile phones so expensive?

Expensive mobile phones are expensive because of the features they offer. Smart phones have a high price tag because they offer Internet connection, GPS, cameras, video, etc. You can still find a bare bones mobile phone with just calling and texting for cheap. You get what you pay for.

Why are adoptions so expensive?

I'm guessing its because they don't want children to be adopted and then abused. So its expensive because only people who actually want to adopt a child will spend the money. Other people who want the children for other uses may think they don't want to waste so much money if they aren't going to ta ( Full Answer )

Why is halibut so expensive?

Because, it is imported from fresher and farther away seas, and it is rarer than other fish. It's taste is also cherished, so the price is raised for quality and satisfaction.

Why is Radio Shack so expensive?

Because they are running on a wrong business model. They sell stuff for 50% more than average level.

Is white gold as expensive as yellow gold?

White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, usually nickel or palladium . Like yellow gold, the purity of white gold is given in carats: 24 kt is pure gold, 18 kt has 18 parts gold and 6 parts of another metal, so it is 75% pure. Since nickel is cheaper than gold this white (a ( Full Answer )

Why are Wii games so expensive?

well i was thinking about that too and it is easy wii are so much FUNNER that x-box and ps3 and you get more of a work out (most of the time).

Why are Rainbow sandals so expensive?

They are expensive mainly for how they "work" you could say. They are specially designed to mold perfectly to your foot once you've broken them in. They also have several different hemps for foot support. And for marketing sake, they're expensive because their label is right where everyone can see ( Full Answer )

Why are braces so expensive?

Becuase braces bring's beauty from beautiful stright teeth and everyone want's beauty. people r greedy that's why.

Why are braille books so expensive?

1 Unless a manuscript has been written originally in Braille, it needs to be transcribed. This is generally done in one of three ways. A typist using a special six-key typing machine may re-type the manuscript in Braille. Braille transcribers are specially trained and certified. Professional Braille ( Full Answer )

Why are AG dolls so expensive?

Their Brand name is trusted and their a very classy buisness that not only create dolls but own stores across America and sell books and toys and have a website so the money they earn they use to buy new products and upgrade their site.also they are based on real girls like kit,addy,rebbeca,Julie,jo ( Full Answer )

Why are e-book so expensive?

there so expensive because they are new technology devices that let you go online and read books. they should be expensive. you can read any book with a touch of a button. i mean, who wouldn't like that instead of having to go out and buying/renting a bunch of books? if you have a project and need t ( Full Answer )

Why is kanan the swordmistress so expensive?

It's a VERY limited print World Championship promo card. It was only accessible if you were, and I'm not sure which, A. at the world championships (spectator or otherwise) B. competing in the above world championships, or C. placed at worlds. Also, she is pretty hot... for a card that is.

Is gold expensive to mine?

mining does not cost money, so no, it does not. But, it can be sold at a high price to the grand exchange The cost of mining gold varies from mine to mine. For example, if the cost to mine it per ounce is $600 per ounce, it is profitable to mine when it trades much above that, but not profitable i ( Full Answer )

Why is smiggle so expensive?

Has anyone heard the saying, "Quality not quantity?" The value of Smiggle is high, so that justifies your question, doesn't it? Smiggle is expensive because of how good it is.

Why is the Globe Theatre so expensive?

It isn't unreasonably expensive. A lot depends where you sit. Compared to other forms of entertainment it is not out of line.

How expensive is gold jewelry?

Gold Jewelry prices depends on what kind of jewelry you are looking for and what kind of gold. White gold are pricier than yellow. Price of gold also varies with the quality if the gold, like how many karats are in a jewelry.

How expensive is a Golds Gym membership?

Firstly they offer a 7 day free trial which I would recommend. Gyms usually have a decent monthly fee (30-50 dollars) but the enrollment fee is usually an extra $75.

Are jewelers expensive checking for gold?

No...actually most places check right there for free. It only takes a few seconds! One of two ways I've seen... They pull out some type of metal looking block??? Pour a solution on one part and rub your ring on it. The other I've seen is an electrical type machine where they put almost like a glue o ( Full Answer )

Is yellow gold more expensive?

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Is ivory expensive than gold?

Not even close. Even at it's peak ivory was much less than gold per ounce. Ivory trade is now banned internationally though.

What is more expensive ruby or gold?

There are so many variables when pricing a ruby that your question does not have a simple answer. When it comes to gold all you need is the weight and the carat strength to get your price. And with gold your price will change on a daily basis because the price of gold changes daily. As for rubies c ( Full Answer )

How expensive are 9ct gold earrings?

Gold earrings in 9carat are fairly cheap. They are cheaper because there is more metal than there is gold in the metal. They run from about $10.00 to $25.00 per pair.

How expensive is Scratch Gold merchandise?

Scratch Gold merchandise refers to items that can be won with scratch tickets. This is a form of gambling or lottery. If the ticket scratched is a winner, the merchandise won is extremely cheap. However if the ticket loses, there may be the temptation to keep trying and the merchandise may become ve ( Full Answer )

How expensive is white gold powder?

There is not much information on white gold powder however, white powder gold is very expensive because it is rare and has many qualities like it has health and immune system boosting qualities, it help with anti-aging, helps with detoxing. They cost $40 for 15 grams.

Who made gold expensive?

No one person. Gold is rare and useful- the rarity makes it expensive. If there was gold sitting around everywhere, it would not be expensive.