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Check that your graphics drivers are up to date and that the card is not overheating.

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โˆ™ 2009-09-08 02:07:54
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Q: Why is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas causing my computer to restart?
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Where can i download grand theft auto san Andreas full PC game?, just check the file to be sure its free of viruses if it isnt, delete it and restart your computer,download again

Problem in beating the mission 'Madd Dogg' in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

I had the same problem you have to restart the entire game

How do you pedal faster in grand thef auto san Andreas in computer?

Tap W repeatedly.

Can you install Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on more than one computer?


Where do you go to find real sports cars in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

u need computer vertion of g t a san Andreas

How do you get bugatti veyron in Grand Theft Auto san Andreas?

download it onto your GTA SA computer game

How do you get the zombie mod for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

To use a zombie mod via a computer on GTA San Andreas, suggest you have a look at the modifications section on the gtawikisite.

Can your computer run grand theft auto san andreas on lowest settings ever?

No, this game need graphic card

Is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas coming on the psp?

No, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will not be available for the PSP.

What is the money cheat for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on the computer?

typing HESOYAM will give you health, armor and 250k cash.

Are there monsters in grand thef auto San Andreas?

There are no monsters available in the ordinary gameplay of GTA San Andreas, but if you surf the net, there will probably be mods you can download, via a computer, for various beings.

Is there two player missions on grand theft auto san Andreas?

There is no 2 player missions on grand theft : san andreas.

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