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In Hawaii
Its named Hawaii, because King Kamehamah (the king of Hawaii) changed the name to Hawaii, when it was first named the Sandwich island from Captain James Cook.

He changed it to Hawaii, because Hawaii means love!
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Names of universities in Hawaii?

The University of Hawai'i has a main campus on O'ahu, and many other branches (and community colleges) throughout the islands. Here is their website: http://hawaii.edu/

What does the name Hawaii mean?

The actual meaning has been lost over millenia. However, Hawai'i is a name after the Polynesian homeland where our ancestors come from. It is uncertain, but "homeland" is sometimes provided as an answer.

How do you get to Hawaii?

By a 5hr 30min flight from California of by cruise ship. By sea or by air. Mainly by air as it is a long journey fromanywhere by sea. Even by air it is a long journey wherever in theworld you are coming from.

What is the name of the volcano in Hawaii?

The world's largest volcano is Mauna Loa on the island of Hawaii. It only rises 4km above sea level, but from its own base under theocean (and into the ocean floor), its summit is 17km above its base(approximately 56,000 feet). It also erupts "regularly," with the latest eruption being in 1984. Hawa ( Full Answer )

How did Hawaii get its name?

No one is exactly sure when or how Hawai'i got the name Hawai'i.Historians suggest that the name Hawai'i came from the ancientPolynesians' word for homeland. Hawaiki and Ohwyhee. "HA", in Hawai`i, is the "breath of life". There is noreal English translation "WAI" is "fresh water", or "The water ( Full Answer )

Does Hawaii have an island named Hawaii?

Yes, there is an island called "Hawai'i" in the archipelago. The island has several nicknames: "Big Island" "Orchid Island" and "Volcano Isle," which are used to distinguish the island from the state, since they both bear the same name. Even more confusing is the fact that the Big Island is in ( Full Answer )

Former name of Hawaii?

ITS SANDWICH ISLAND . CORRECT ANSWER . The name of what we refer to as "The Big Island" has always had its name as Hawai'i. When Kamehameha conquered the Maui Kingdom, it was known temporarily as the Sandwich Islands until he eventually annexed the island of Kaua'i, and since then has been k ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the largest island in Hawaii?

The largest island in Hawaii is called.... Hawaii or aka the big island. The other islands are oahu, maui, kauai, lanai, molokai, and niihau. Hawaii or the big island as it is known to locals, is the only island with an active volcano

What is the original name of the Hawaii islands?

Not much is known about the true original names of the 8 major Hawaiian Islands, as the ancient people used a number of different names to describe where they were from. At one time, the islands were known by the Ali'i Nui who controlled them. We do know that Captain James Cook who was the first E ( Full Answer )

When did Hawaii get the name Hawaii?

No one is exactly sure when or how Hawai'i got the name Hawai'i. Historians suggest that the name Hawai'i came from the ancient Polynesians' word for homeland. Hawaiki and Ohwyhee. "HA", in Hawai`i, is the "breathe of life". There is no real English translation "WAI" is "fresh water", or "The ( Full Answer )

Names of volcanoes in Hawaii?

Kaho`olawe Lanai Molokai's Kaia Nubia I'm not sure okapis If your not sure than why in the world would you give this type of answer

What are the names of all the islands of Hawaii?

Many of the Hawaiian islands and islets are not named, but the eight "main" islands are: O'ahu, Mauai, Hawai'i, Kaho'olawe, Lana'i. Ni'ihau, Kaua'i and Moloka'i.

How was Hawaii named?

Hawaii is said to have been named by the Maori people who named it"Hawaii" meaning "Heaven" in their own language. Legend states thatHawai'i Loa, a fisherman, was the first person to discover Hawaii(as told in ancient stories). He named Hawaii after himself and therest of the islands on the chain af ( Full Answer )

How did you get Hawaii?

by going to the airport and getting a aiport ticket or you can sail there

Where did Hawaii get its name from?

This is still an ongoing debated topic. Polynesians have a name for a mythical land from whence they originated: Avaiki, Savai'i, Havaiki, and Hawaiki. Based on this, the name Hawai'i, could be argued to have come about as an homage to the fabled land of origin.

What is the name of Marine base in Hawaii?

Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) - Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) - Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) - Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) - Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) - Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) - Kaneohe Bay

What can you do in Hawaii?

You can go to the beach, Lava Tree State Park on the Big Island, Waimea Canyon on Kauai, sea parks shoping. Almost anything

Then what is Hawaii?

Hawaii is the newest of the 50 U.S. states (August 21, 1959), and is the only U.S. state made up entirely of islands. It occupies most of an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean, southwest of the continental United States, southeast of Japan, and northeast of Australia. Hawaii's natural beauty, ( Full Answer )

What is to do in Hawaii?

There's actually a lot to do such as visit the Pearl Harbor memorial visit beaches like Ala Moana, North Shore, Snuba which is scuba diving with a 50 foot hose above the water and the trees look amazing! have fun

How can you get to Hawaii?

The cheapest and most affordable way to get to Hawaii is by airplane. The other alternative would be by cruise ship.

How do you get into Hawaii?

The only way to get into Hawaii (or at least the most popular and most reasonable) is by plane. Most planes fly from the "mainland" of the united states (the U.S. minus Hawaii/Alaska) to Honolulu (the capital of Hawaii) airport.

When was Hawaii named?

Hawaii was named Hawaii at 1778. Because Captain James Cook first named these islands the Sandwich island. But, then King Kamehamah, the king in Hawaii changed the name to Hiwaii.

What does Hawaii do?

Hawaii is only a giant hot spot about 3 miles underground. Since 1981 Hawaii has been erupting non stop with quiet and not explosive lava it has grown hundreds of feet longer then it was. Also if you didn't know all of the Hawaiin islands were made up of lava that came from deep under the ocean and ( Full Answer )

What can you do when you are in Hawaii?

There is an immense variety of things to do in Hawaii, and it even ranges by island. Oahu is the most popular destination and home to Hawaii's capital Honolulu. On Oahu you can attend historical monuments (like the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor), hang out with the tourists on gorgeous Waikiki Beach, ( Full Answer )

What was the name of the destructive volcano in Hawaii?

Mount Kilauea is the most active volcano on the Big Island. But the most destructable volcano to date was the Mauna Loa volcano which erupted on June 1, 1950. Massive lava flows travelled 14 miles down the destroyed part of the village of Ho'okena-mauka, including several houses and the post office. ( Full Answer )

Name the five volcanoes that are in Hawaii?

Hawii is not a place, but if your talking about Hawaii, in the time it took you to post this question you could have researched this and find the answer on at least 3 links. Don't be so lazy!

What are the names of the fish in Hawaii?

Humuhumunukunukuapua . 'Aha (needlefish) . Ahi (yellowfin tuna) . Ahi pahala (albacore tuna) . Akule (bigeyed scad) . Awa (milkfish) . Awa'awa (Hawaiian Tarpon) . Kahawai (Eastern Australian salmon) . Kaku (barracuda) . Kawakawa (Pacific mackerel)

Where did the name Hawaii get its name from?

The name Hawaii comes from the original name of the islands Hawaike. When the Americans took over they found the traditional name hard to say. Therefore it was changed to Hawaii and it was rubbed out from all history books... Only true Hawaikians know the name now.

What are the names of the Hawaii regions?

If you mean the main islands in the chain, going from southeast to northwest, they are Hawai'i (the big island), Maui (the valley isle), Kaho'olawe, Lāna'i (the pineapple island), Moloka'i, O'ahu (the gathering place), Kaua'i (the garden isle), and Ni'ihau (the forbidden isle).

What are the names for the volcanoes in Hawaii?

Kohala, Mauna Kea, Hualalai, Mauna Loa and Kilauea are the five volcanoes that make up the Big Island of Hawaii. Waianae, Koolau, West Molokai, East Molokai, West Maui, Haleakala, Mahukona, Loihi, are also volcanoes that either surround or make up the rest of the islands. The Hawaiian islands of Kau ( Full Answer )

What do the Hawaii name mean?

Some believe the name came from Hawaiki, the name for the mythical home for all people Polynesian. While others believe it came from a south pacific island Raiatea, which was called 'Havaii' at the time of the great migration.

What are the names of the Hawaii beaches?

Each island has several, but Waikiki gets large crowds... The related link listed below has a 'search' field; just enter 'beaches' there!

Did The Polynesians Name Hawaii?

yes they did because of the fact it was an island. and that hawaii inherited traditional polynesian culture

What is your name in Hawaii mean?

IMPROVED: Aloha: I believe what you want is how to say this. In Hawai`ian, it is ʻO wai kou inoa? [O v-I koo ee-noah] The same name in English, your names is always the same in any language.

Is there a town in Kenya named Hawaii?

No evidence can be found for the existence of a town in Kenya called Hawaii, except for one map, which could easily have been manipulated to show a false town. With no other maps showing it, it is safe to assume that it does not exist. According to Wikipedia there is NO SUCH city or town in Kenya ( Full Answer )

What are the names of the monuments in Hawaii?

[2] Landmark name[3] Image Date designated[3] Locality[3][4] Island[3][4] Description[5] 1 USS Arizona (shipwreck) May 5, 1989 Pearl Harbor 21°22′00″N 157°57′10″W Oʻahu Sunken remains of the USS Arizona; destroyed in battle during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. ( Full Answer )