The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice

Why is Iago considered a master of manipulation?


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Iago manipulates all the characters in Othello out of jealousy.

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It's IAGO by the way.... and the voice talent of Iago is Gilbert Gottfried

Iago, Othello's flag bearer in war. Iago Iago Iago. Iago. or you could say the villain is society.

He had figured out that Iago was conning him and was thus dangerous to Iago.

Roderigo is annoyed with Iago because Iago promised him he would get him with Desdemona as long as Roderigo payed Iago which Iago didn't give the gifts he was supposed to buy to Desdemona

She found a handkerchief, and iago wanted her to copy it.

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no Iago is. Iago is the planner and causes the conspiracy of the play. iago tricks Othello and rodrigo

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Othello, the general, assigned Iago a second-rate job (his ensign.) Iago is jealous and furious of his position of power. Iago also makes comments that suggest he was racist.

It would make it seem that Iago did his part in the plan, where Iago kills Cassio and Othello kills Desdemona. Even though Iago got Roderigo to do it for him.

Iago is 28 years old in the play.

Iago is played by Gilbert Gottfried.

Iago is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried.

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Iago tricked Othello into believing that his wife was not faithful and did not love him.

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