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Jupiter is a gas planet. it has no solid surface. Instead, the planet has a small, rocky core surrounding by immense layers of gas. Jupiter is gas because its mostly made out of hydrogen and helium.
It just is...?

Because it is made up of many different gases like hydrogen,heulim.

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Is Jupiter a gas or rock planet?

Jupiter is a gas planet (or a gas giant).

Is Jupiter the only gas planet?

No,Jupiter is not the only gas planet, Saturn is a gas planet aswell.

Is Jupiter considered to be a gas giant or terrestrial planet?

Jupiter is a gas giant planet.

Does Jupiter have terrestrial or gas planet?

I'm assuming you mean "Is Jupiter a terrestrial or gas planet?" It is a gaseous planet.

What type of planet is Jupiter?

Jupiter is a planet where it's not like earth, you can't come live on the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is a gas planet!

What planet is the largest gas planet?

Jupiter is the largest gas planet.

Is Jupiter a gas planet or terrestrial planet?

It is a gas or Jovian Planet

Which planet is known as a gas planet?

Jupiter is called a gas planet

How is the Surface of the planet Jupiter?

The Planet Jupiter is a "Gas Giant". It does not have a solid surface. It is Gas. If you tried to land on Jupiter you would sink into the interior of the Planet.

Is there lava on Jupiter?

No. Jupiter is a gas planet.

Is Jupiter a gas or air?

jupiter is a planet

Is Jupiter a terrestrial planet?

No, Jupiter is a gas giant, with only a small rocky core.No. Jupiter is a gas planet, regardless of what year it is.

Which planet is the gasy planet?

Jupiter is the Gas planet

Is Jupiter a gas gaint planet or a rocky planet?

It is a gas giant planet.

What planet is the big gas planet?


Is Jupiter hard?

No! Jupiter is a the a gas planet and the biggest planet i the solar system.

Is Jupiter a rocky planet or gassy planet?

Jupiter is a gassy planet, that is why it is called The Gas Giant.

Is the planet Jupiter solid or gas?


Is Jupiter watery?

No Jupiter is not watery but it is a gas planet.

Earth and Jupiter compare and contrast?

earth is smaller than jupiter. earth has life and jupiter does't. jupiter is a gas planet and not earth. earth is rock and jupiter is gas planet.

Is Jupiter a solid or gas?

Jupiter is a big Gas planet Hope this heps! ;)

Does Jupiter has any gas clouds?

Jupiter is a gas planet so i does have alot of gas clouds

Which planet has Galilean moons?

Jupiter, the gas planet

Is Jupiter a volcanic planet?

No, it is a Gas Giant planet.

What is the largest gas planet?

The largest gas planet in our Solar System is Jupiter.

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