Why is Kate Gosselin estranged from her parents?

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There is a great deal of speculation about Kate Gosselin's relationship with her parents. Add your contribution to the Discussion section and a supervisor will review it.

According to Kate Gosselin's twitter feed her family does support her, but she keeps them protected from the paparazzi.

With the exception of Kate Gosselin, the family has been very private about their relationship.

Despite all the speculation below, Kate's mom has been posting support for her daughter on Facebook and blogs. Allegedly, Mom of KT is Kate's mom, and she maintains support for Kate from a distance.

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Where are Jon and Kate Gosselins parents?

Answer Jon's father is deceased. His mom is remarried. According to Jon she has moved far away and isn't able to be in the children's immediate life.. Kates parents are "Out of the picture". Lets just say its personal.. Kate's father has his Masters Degree in Education. He is a Teacher, a Minist ( Full Answer )

Are Kate gosselins parents alive?

Yes, Kate Gosselins are alive and well and live in central Pennsylvania.. Yes. Kate's parents are both still alive and living in the same part of Pennsylvania as the Gosselins.

How tall is Kate Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin says she is "5 ft 6.5 inches... WITHOUT heels, which is extremely rare, I must say!: Chickipedia.com has her listed as 5'4" - which is wrong!

Who is Kate Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin a reality television personality known for showsfeatureing her family in "Kate Plus 8" and "Jon and Kate Plus 8' -as well as numerous interviews and tabloid covers. See related links.

Does Kate Gosselin have brothers or sisters?

Kate Gosselin grew up in a family of 5 children. She has three sisters, Christen, Kendra and Clairissa, and a brother, Kevin.. Clairissa Kreider is Kate sister's maiden name. Her married name is Clairissa Mertz. She and her husband, Rob, live in Lancaster County with their one young son. . Kate ha ( Full Answer )

Why is Jon gosselin estranged from his parents?

Jon Gosselin is not estranged from his parents. His mother appeared on several episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8, including "Sextuplets Turn 3!". The children refer to her as "Gammy".. Jon's father passed away when the sextuplets were 2, according to the book Multiple Blessings.

What are opinions of Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin According to professionals that organize events where Kate Gosselinhas appeared. Gosselin is far from the ordinary mom she waspresented as on her reality show. There are reports and opinionsabout Kate Gosselin from all sides... and by all reports, [Kate]Gosselin's reputation for being ( Full Answer )

Do Jon and Kate Gosselin talk to their parents?

Due to various personal reasons Kate Gosselin does not do not talk to their immediate family. (However they may talk to them on the phone). Jon and Kate have said on various shows that due to many different reasons some of their family chooses not to be filmed. Jon's grandmother did appear on the s ( Full Answer )

What are opinions about if Kate Gosselin has OCD?

Opinions from WikiAnswerers . Well... you can look at this question two different ways... either you can think that Kate has OCD or that she just likes things to be clean and not live in a pigsty. . Kate has many children as you all know. With 8 growing kids and many toys the Gosselin house can ge ( Full Answer )

Where does Kate Gosselin work?

Kate Gosselin used to work as a nurse but changed over to being a full time mom thanks to her family reality television shows. Currently she is a blogger for Coupon Cabin, sponsored by Rock n'Roll marathons and pursuing a continued media career in front of the cameras.

Do Jon or Kate Gosselin smoke?

Jon smoked in High School, and continues to occasionally smoke. See related links. As far as we can tell, Kate does not smoke.

Does Kate Gosselin smoke?

Opinions from various Wiki.answerers: Kate is a non-smoker. **Actually in the September 13th, 2010 episode titled "A Rough Ride" Kate is seen in the background blowing smoke out of her mouth. It happens about 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the show. *** This is incorrect as the 'smoke' is act ( Full Answer )

What happened to Kate Gosselins Parents?

Not much is known about Kate Gosselin's parents other than they arealive and Kate does not have much of a relationship with them. Katealso has siblings.

Is Kate Gosselin estranged from her siblings?

There is no current information on the current state of Kate Gosselin's relationship with her siblings. However, based on the testimony that Kevin Kreider (her younger brother) offered regarding children in reality television.. and Kate's response that she thinks her brother's concern for children ( Full Answer )

Why is kate gosselin estranged from her siblings?

It supposedly all started when her church donated some baby stuff for the kids and she rejected it. She said she wanted all new, matching furniture and what they got were secondhand. Plus, one of her siblings used to be on the show and when TLC offered them a permanent role, she said no. From wha ( Full Answer )

What is Kate Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin is a reality TV personality . She is a mother ofeight children and was featured in the reality shows "Kate Plus 8", "Jon and Kate Plus 8" plus appearances on Dancing With the Stars. Kate Plus 8 continues in production to highlight changes in Kate'sfamily as her kids grow up. Most of h ( Full Answer )

Why did Kate Gosselin disown her parents?

There is no verified information on Kate Gosselin's relationship with her parents. It is unlikely she disowned her parends. One contributors opinion: She did not disown them she just feels like it does not matter who loves her kids or whether they are related to her or not.

Who are Kate kreider gosselins parents?

Kate Gosselin's parents are Kenton and Charlene Kreider. KateGosselin is most known for appearing on the reality show, Jon andKate Plus 8.

What is up with Kate Gosselin parents?

Kate's father is a minister. They often clashed in the past. The final straw that caused the divide between Kate and her parent's were the donations her Father's church offered when the sextuplets were born. Kate didn't want the mismatched secondhand cribs that were offered. She expected nicer new m ( Full Answer )

Does Kate Gosselin ever see her parents?

According to Kate, her parents are not involved in her life because they "didn't know how to help them when the sextuplets were born". According to US Weekly one of the reasons was that Kate's father's church offered six cribs but they didn't match so Kate turned them down.

Are Michael Jackson's parents estranged?

They are actually still married. They separated 35 years ago, when Katheryn found out about Joseph's outside child by Cheryle Terell. His daughter Joh' Vonnie and her daughter, lives with him in Las Vegas.

Why is jodi kreider estranged from kate?

TLC wanted to pay Jodi for being on the show. Kate stopped it. When somebody from the crew told Kevin and Jodi that TLC wanted to pay them and Kate wouldn't allow it, Kevin went to his sister's house and asked why. Kate clapped her hands in her brother's face and said, "Nobody makes money of our ( Full Answer )

Why are Jon and Kate estranged from Jon's mother?

They are not emotionally estranged from her. In a February 2009 interview, Jon stated that he is on the phone with his mother on nearly a daily basis. She also lives in Pennsylvania, but not close enough to be involved in the daily lives of the family.

Will Kate Gosselin divorce Jon Gosselin?

Yes. Kate Gosselin filed for divorce June 22, 2009 and the divorce was finalized in December of the same year. In the final days of her family reality show 'Kate Plus 8" - Kate continued to tweet and talk about her failed marriage. Citing lack of respect, and many things that she and the kids had t ( Full Answer )

Does Kate Gosselin like the Kate Gosselin Wig?

Kate Gosselin thinks the wig was funny. She tweeted: @kathygriffin reminds me of the @Kateplusmy8 wig that I didn't manufacture but got many laughs from... I think u wore 1 to 'be' me once? lol about 7 hours ago One Wikianswerers opinion: She thinks it is funny...she owns one!

Will there be a show called 'Kate Gosselin'?

While TLC has announced they are working on a new show featuring Kate Gosselin in a variety of unusual job situations - the name of the new show has not yet been announced.

Where did Kate Gosselin get her mom8 shirt?

There is no information on where Kate Gosselin got her mom8 tshirt, but you can find mom-to-the-degree shirts on the Couture Moms website. See related links for a link to that site.

Where was Kate Gosselin speaking in 2010?

Kate Gosselin had a variety of interviews with E! and other mediachannels, with very limited public booked speaking engagements in2010.

Does Kate Gosselin communicate with her parents and siblings or are they estranged?

There is no public information on the current state of the relations between Kate Gosselin her parents and siblings. Gosselin's parents and siblings have been for there for her and her growing family along the way: Helping raise money for her struggling family, rallying volunteer donations for muc ( Full Answer )

Is Kate Gosselin currently pregnant?

No. Kate has repeatedly stated that she does not intend to get pregnant again, ever! If you follow Kate Gosselin's twitter account , you will see that she answers that question nearly every day.. and the answer is always the same. No no no!

Kate gosselin use clomid?

There is no information on exactly which drugs Kate Gosselin used for her fertility treatments. However, Clomid is one of the most common drugs used for fertility treatments.

Does Kate Gosselin homeschool her kids?

Kate homeschools Alexis Faith and Collin Thomas Gosselin ( 2 of 6 of the sextuplets ) . Alexis & Collin were said to have been expelled from their private school for behavioral issues.

Who is a better parent Kate Gosselin or Jon Gosselin?

in my opinion kate Depending on how you view spanking, Kate or Jon could be the better parent. Kate is broadly known to have regularly used physical discipline with the toddlers for even minor infractions.

Did kate Gosselin have her breasts altered?

Kate has denied having them done but her chest shows evidence typical of someone who's had breast lifts and implants, such as unnatural-looking ridges around the edges of the breasts.

What does Kate Gosselin look like?

Kate Gosselin is 5 ft 6.5 inches with long blond hair and a runners build. If you want her hair color - you can have it too. According to Celebrity Colorist and Co-Owner of Ted Gibson Salon, Kate Gosselin hair color is courtesy of " INOA blonde-9.01 30vol-GORGE!"

Does Kate Gosselin have a brother?

Yes, she does. If you have seen some of the episodes "Uncle Kevin" is Kate's brother. Joel is also named after him.

Why is Kate Gosselin still on television?

Kate Gosselin is still on television because she continue to pursue jobs that put her in front of the camera. She has told interviewers she has a gift of gab and has floated multiple jobs that she would like to have in media. Talk show, new reality television show etc. Around the time of her divo ( Full Answer )

What did Jon Gosselin do to Kate Gosselin?

This depends on what you mean by the meaning I think your talking about is cheating - that is a subject of great speculation.. Jon has maintained that he never cheated on kate Gosselin, and in emails with one of Jon's girlfriends Kate Gosselin has admitted the two were never involved until a year a ( Full Answer )