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There is a great deal of speculation about Kate Gosselin's relationship with her parents. Add your contribution to the Discussion section and a supervisor will review it.

According to Kate Gosselin's twitter feed her family does support her, but she keeps them protected from the paparazzi.

With the exception of Kate Gosselin, the family has been very private about their relationship.

Despite all the speculation below, Kate's mom has been posting support for her daughter on Facebook and blogs. Allegedly, Mom of KT is Kate's mom, and she maintains support for Kate from a distance.

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Kate Gosselin has been estranged from her parents since shortly after the sextuplets were born.

The relationship between Kate Gosselin and her parents is nonexistent

Kate Gosselin doesn't speak much of her family, but she did say in the Viewer FAQ episode that they "didn't know how to help" her family. Kate Gosselin does not talk about her family very much but she is estranged from her parents and her brother Kevin for different reasons.

Jon Gosselin is not estranged from his parents. His mother appeared on several episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8, including "Sextuplets Turn 3!". The children refer to her as "Gammy". Jon's father passed away when the sextuplets were 2, according to the book Multiple Blessings.

One OpinionNo, Kate Gosselin has disowned all of her siblings/their spouses and is estranged from her Mother and Father all due to her greed and control issues.

Kate Gosselin has 8 (eight) children who she parents along with her ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

There's no evidence that Jon was the reason Kate has been estranged from her parents. In fact, most sources have cited Kate herself as the problem with her parents as well as with her brother Kevin and his wife Jodie...Therefore, there's no reason to assume that with her divorce from Jon, she'd reconcile with her parents.

Jon Gosselin married Kate Gosselin.

No. Kate Gosselin does not have diabetes.

The Gosselin kids are Jon and Kate Gosselin's 8 kids. They are on the tv show ' Kate Plus 8' (it used to be 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' but now the parents are divorced.)

Kate Gosselin's parents are Kenton and Charlene Kreider. Kate Gosselin is most known for appearing on the reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Their real names are Katie (Kate) Irene Kreider Gosselin and Jonathon (Jon) Keith Gosselin

Kate Gosselin hasn't been secretive about her family, she addressed the issue of her parents in the Viewer FAQ episode of Season 4.

The Gosselin sextuplets were 2 years old when Kate Gosselin had her tummy tuck.

Kate Gosselin was born on March 28, 1975.

Kate Gosselin Has a pink case on her iphone

Kate Gosselin was a nurse until she had the sextuplets.

There is no information on who is using any account using the name "Kate Gosselin" on Stardoll. One thing for sure, it is not Kate Gosselin.

There are several Facebook pages that claim to be Kate Gosselin, but none have been validated. It is unlikely they are Kate Gosselin.

ParentsKatie "Kate" Irene Gosselin (Before marriage her last name is Kreider, current rumors are that she will keep her married name after the divorce.)Jonathon Keith GosselinTwinsCara Nicole GosselinMadelyn "Mady" Kate GosselinSextupletsAlexis Faith GosselinHannah Joy GosselinAaden Jonathon GosselinCollin Thomas GosselinLeah Hope GosselinJoel Kevin Gosselin

'Twist of Kate" is not in production, so there is no way to be on the show with Kate Gosselin.

It is not known where Kate Gosselin got her green dress. Kate Gosselin and her kids recently appeared in an update show on TLC.

no, not really. Kate is against her parents and does not see them. Jon's dad is dead and his mom lives far away. Very sad.

Kate Gosselin continues to live in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

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