Why is Kyoto famous?

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It is an city

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Q: Why is Kyoto famous?
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What is Kyoto famous for?

Kyoto is famous for the historical heritage. It was also almost bombed in World War 2. Hope this info is useful :) By Georgia.C Almost Doesn't count

What is the name of the famous Japanese cultural center?

Hyogo Kyoto

What ancient capital of japan is famous for geisha district?


What is the famous cities in Japan?

The most famous I think are the most populated! Which are: Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo. But there are some other popular ones like: Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Kyoto.

What are the famous city's in japan?

Tokyo, Kyoto, Kawasaki, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Toyota and Yamato

Where did Kyoto protocol take place and when?

The Kyoto Prototcol took place in Kyoto, Japan.The Kyoto Prototcol took place in Kyoto, Japan.

Where was the Kyoto Protocol started?

The Kyoto Protocol was signed in Kyoto, Japan on 1997.

What are famous buildings beginning with the letter I?

The Internal Revenue Service Building is a famous building in Washington, D.C. It is the IRS headquarters. The Imperial Palace is a famous building in Kyoto, Japan.

What is the Temple city of japan?

kyoto kyoto

What is the capital of Kyoto?

Kyoto does not have a capital, rather it is a capital itself of Kyoto Prefecture. Previously, Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan for over 1,000 years.

What city is northeast of Kyoto?

What city is northeast of Kyoto

What prefecture is Kyoto in?

Kyoto serves as the capital of the Kyoto Prefecture. Historically, Kyoto was the capital of the Yamashiro Province prior to the advent of the prefecture system in 1871. Kyoto is also one of the major cities in the Kansai or Kinki region of Japan.

Who was Kyoto?

Kyoto wasn"t a person unless there is someone named Kyoto but it was the capital of Japan in ancient times.

What are some famous places in japan?

One of the most famous landmarks in Japan is Mount Fuji, a volcano that towers over the island. The largest city is Tokyo, and is a world famous city, as is the city of Kyoto.

What is Tokyo protocol?

It's Kyoto not Tokyo "Kyoto protocol".

What island is Kyoto on?

Kyoto is located on the Japanese Island Honshu.

When was Kyoto Song created?

Kyoto Song was created in 1985.

What is the population of Kyoto Prefecture?

The population of Kyoto Prefecture is 2,633,428.

What is the area of Kyoto?

The area of Kyoto is 827.9 square kilometers.

When was Kyoto Tower created?

Kyoto Tower was created in 1964.

When was Kyoto Prize created?

Kyoto Prize was created in 1984.

What was the Kyoto agreement?

The Kyoto agreement is an international agreement that deals with working to reduce emission The Kyoto agreement was signed in 1997.

What is the word 'Kyoto' when translated from Japanese to English?

Kyoto can be translated as "capital city," and written: 京都

Japan's famous places?

The Capital of Japan is Kyoto. Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Many of the Japanese Temples, Castles, etc.

What does 'Kyoto' literally mean in Japanese?

government capital