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why is professor[lord] Lionel C. Robbins definition of Economics the most widely accepted

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Widely accepted in my big fat bum'ole

It should be widely accepted as it has no environmental impact.

The nebular hypothesis is the most widely accepted model explaining the formation and evolution of the Solar System.

A hypothesis that is widely accepted as correct is called a theory.

A widely used and accepted device or technique, as in drama, literature, or painting.

There are many acceptable dictionary definitions of the word 'migrant'. One of the most widely accepted definitions is an animal that migrates. That is the definition of migrant.

Frontier science is defined as preliminary scientific data, hypotheses, and models that have not been widely tested and accepted.

yes biomass is widely accepted today, because it is renewable and it reuses our garbage

A theory is a widely accepted explanation based on experimental results.

A general rule is an unstated rule that is widely accepted. Morals are general rules that are not taught but widely accepted.

The answer is a theory. A view that is not well-tested and widely accepted is just a hypothesis. A law has to be indisputable not just widely accepted

It is widely accepted that governments control citizens' lives.

Yes it is accepted because it affordable and clean

both widely accepted. globally accepted as payment

Wind energy should be widely accepted as it produces energy which doesn't pollute the environment . Artifical resources such as petroleum , diesel destroy the ozone layer of the Earth . Wind energy does not pollute the environment . So wind energy should be accepted and widely launched .

Yes soalr energy absolutely is accepted widely todat.!! Thanx for askinq .!! Please come bakk aqain one day.!!

Birth certificates are the most widely accepted - and just about everybody has one. However, the most commonly accepted credential is the driver's license (although fewer people have these - than a birth certificate).

Birdie is the widely accepted term.

Either is accepted and both are widely used.

It is widely accepted to be Bamboo.

When it is widely accepted as one.

The most widely accepted theory is that the Moon was formed when a Mars-sized object slammed into the Earth, billions of years ago.

These ideas are accepted from more than 100 years.

Wind energy is widely accepted because many many people use it in the world today. There are many wind farms around the world today.

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