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She is not famous. She is just known for being Miley Cyrus' best friend.

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Q: Why is Mandy Miley Cyrus' friend famous?
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Who is Miley Cyrus bestfreind?

Miley Cyrus best friend is Mandy jiroux! Mandy is one of her background dancer!!!

Who is Mandy Jirox?

a friend of Miley Cyrus

How is Mandy for Miley Cyrus?

is her best friend ........

Who is the real friend of Miley Cyrus?

Mandy Jirox (jur-oh) is her best friend. She helped Miley create The Miley and Mandy show.

What is name of miley's best friend?

Miley Cyrus' best friend is Mandy Jiroux.

Who is Mandy Selena's friend?

no miley cyrus's sister

What is miley cyruss Childhood friend?

Well My Childhood Friend is Mandy ! Love Miley Cyrus

Who is miley Cyrus famous best friend?

it might be some girl called mindy or mandy or something...cuz when i used to like miley cyrus there were videos on her youtube that was like "the mandy and miley show" or something and they were like best friends but IDK!!

Who is Mandy jiroux's best friend?

Miley Cyrus is her bff

Who is miley bff?

Miley Cyrus' best friend is Mandy Jiroux who shares a web - show called 'The Miley and Mandy Show' on You Tube.

Who is Miley Cyrus's best friend?

Miley's best friend is a girl named Mandy Jiroux. You can watch them in the "Miley and Mandy Show" in the Related Links section below.

What is Mandy Jiroux nationality btw she is Miley Cyrus' backup dancer and her best friend.?

Miley Cyrus is of polish decsent and Mandy jiroux is of french descent