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Because they are really funny shaped and she likes the slit especially when it has stuff in it...she calls it a pencil holder and eats cheese a lot

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What are the release dates for Love Natalie - 1980 TV?

Love Natalie - 1980 TV was released on: USA: 1980

When was Our Love - Natalie Cole song - created?

Our Love - Natalie Cole song - was created on 1977-11-06.

Does Natalie love gabe?

for sure yes

When was Love Revolution - Natalie Grant album - created?

Love Revolution - Natalie Grant album - was created on 2010-08-24.

Does Josiah love Natalie?

I don't know why someone ask such a vague question? But, this Natalie person obviously asked. sorry Natalie, we aren't pyschic.

When was Natalie r love was born?

January 15,1956

Who does Zac Efron like?

Natalie West there in love

Who played Natalie in Love Actually?

Martine McCutcheon.

Who is Natalie R. Love the black inventor of the t-top?

Natalie R. Love is an African-American woman who invented the T-top roof cover.

Is it okay if the side of the box of your point shoe cracks but it is not near the bottom?

no. get new shoes.

What is a good love pet name for Natalie?

Lee lee

Who played Natalie in the movie Love Actually?

Martine McCutcheon.

Does cooper chavez love Natalie christani?

*Sigh* no............... D;

Who played Hugh grant's love interest in the movie love actually?

Martine McCutcheon who protrays Natalie.

Who sang the song what you won't do for love?

Peabo Bryson with Natalie Cole

What is the lyrics of the song 'I Love You So'?

For the lyrics of 'Love You So' (by Natalie) see Related links below.

Who invented T-Top roof cover?

Natalie R. Love

Which song is used in the Match com commercial?

this will be (an everlasting love) by Natalie cole

Who is the female singing with bclux?

her name is natalie taylor- i love you boy - blcux

How can you trust her how many you love her?

A relationships is trust! I think of trust as if it were a mirror once Its broken u can try to put the pieces back together but the cracks will always be there but if love is present then u will find a way to see past the cracks

What actors and actresses appeared in Glimpse of Love - 2013?

The cast of Glimpse of Love - 2013 includes: Natalie Zaugg as Her

What is the song Laura Ingraham uses at the bottom of the hour?

The song Laura Ingraham uses at the bottom of the hour is "Wishing I was there" by Natalie Imbruglia with the bass line punched up.

How to love forever?

Love from the bottom of your heart and Save the love in a time capsule!

What are the release dates for Livin' for Love The Natalie Cole Story - 2000 TV?

Livin' for Love The Natalie Cole Story - 2000 TV was released on: USA: 10 December 2000 Hungary: 30 April 2006

South park what what n the butt?

I love that completely cracks me up everytime I hear it.

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