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Q: Why is Oldham Mumps so called?
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When did Oldham Mumps railway station end?

Oldham Mumps railway station ended in 2009.

When was Oldham Mumps railway station created?

Oldham Mumps railway station was created in 1847.

cause of mumps?

The mumps are caused by a virus called the paramyxovirus.

What causes mumps?

Mumps is caused by a virus called the mumps virus. It is passed from person to person through sneezing and coughing.

What disease does mumps cause?

Mumps is caused by a certain virus called paramyxovirus.

What organ is the digstive system is called mumps if is imflamated?

Salivary glands, mainly parotid and sub-mandibular are called as mumps, when inflamed.

What is the smallest microorganism that causes infection such as chickkenpox measles and mumps?

The smallest organism to do so is called a virus

Does pathogen cause Mumps?

Mumps is caused by a virus, so it is a pathogenic disease.

Is the mumps an active or hidden virus?

the mumps virus is an active disease so be careful!!!!!!

How can mumps be preaveted?

There is a vaccination for mumps now. It is given to babies as part of their routine shots. The vaccine is called the MMR, and it protects children against Measles, Mumps and Rubella, or German Measles.

Is mumps causes infertility?

in my second pregauncy ,i got mumps in 2nd month so i had to termineted that pregauncy. now i m not getting pregnaunt since 5mths. so i wanted to ask that mumps affected my overies . infertility.?

What greater Manchester soccer team is called athletic?

Oldham Athletic

Who invented the mumps vaccine?

Maurice Hilleman was the inventor of the mumps vaccine in 1963. The strain was called the Jeryl Lynn strain after Hilleman's daughter. This strain is still used today in the M.M.R. vaccine, which is given for measles mumps, and rubella.

What type of pathogen causes chickenpox measles and mumps?

The smallest pathogen that causes infection such as chicken pox, measles and mumps is called a virus.

An inflammation of what structure is called mumps?

Mumps is, among other symptoms, inflammation of the parotid glands. These salivary glands are found on either cheek.

What do they look for in a blood test for mumps?

They are looking for antibodies telling them you either had the mumps in childhood or got an immunization for them. So you will not catch them now. When a woman has the mumps while pregnant it can effect her unborn baby.

What is the birth name of Arthur Oldham?

Arthur Oldham's birth name is Arthur William Oldham.

What is the birth name of Chris Oldham?

Chris Oldham's birth name is Christopher Martin Oldham.

What is the birth name of Derek Oldham?

Derek Oldham's birth name is Oldham, John Stephens.

What is the birth name of Ray Oldham?

Ray Oldham's birth name is Donnie Ray Oldham.

What is the birth name of Todd Oldham?

Todd Oldham's birth name is Jacky Todd Oldham.

Which English football club was originaly called Pine Villa?

Oldham Athletic

Where is the Oldham Library And Historical Association in Oldham South Dakota located?

The address of the Oldham Library And Historical Association is: Po Box 243, Oldham, SD 57051

What are the symptons of Mumps?

you get mumps you get mumps

When was Oldham created?

Oldham was created in 865.