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BECAUSE...everything deserves a platform as we are ALL equal. It's mind boggling how many people haven't caught up with the 21st century. This is a free will Universe. If you don't like what Oprah or whomever has to say...turn the station. Get it? The christian right wing will never be dominant again so you may as well get used to a World with lots of choices. Good Luck To Ya!

All you have to do is looks at the FRIENDS who hang with each other. It's no secret to see that there is a connection even with Obama and Will Smith's sudden support and decision to BE President one day, uh riiiight. Oprah's been hanging with that Travolta freak and are "best freinds", "soulmates". Realize the fraud that is happening. WWIII is an ideological war.

Most of the information that is published about "Scientology" is actually produced by a small group of entertainment media who produce weekly headlines in order to attract viewers, and is not about Scientology at all. Instead, they are based on some stories that were told by a few dismissed employees of the Church of Scientology from more than 30 years ago, then repeated again and again with many years of embellishments added to them.

The actual movement of Scientology is about personal enlightenment with the goal of achieving global peace through human understanding. L. Ron Hubbard was able to discover the underlying causes of individual "aberrations" that are the source of violent behavior, distrust, dishonest, and other features of human behavior that result in wars and other means of dominating others.

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Q: Why is Oprah giving scientology a platform?
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