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because its awesome

But why is it so " awesome ".

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How cool are Pokemon?


Where can you get cool Pokemon in HeartGold?

All Pokemon are cool! But lots of Pokemon that can't be found elsewhere are in the Safari Zone.

Where are some cool Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Gligar, Gibble, Luxray, and Dragonite are cool in my opinion.

Which Pokemon is Luxray cool?

yes luxray is cool

Pokemon dimond and pearl?

a cool Pokemon game

What Pokemon is not cool?

none of them!

On Pokemon indigo cool Pokemon level17 and down?

you relase all your pokemon

Pokemon explorers of sky?

it is a cool Pokemon game :p

Is your Pokemon Ranch a cool game?

Well, to be completely honest with you its cool if you have a ds then you can transfer and get Pokemon otherewise its jusy ehhh....

How do you get a warilord on Pokemon emerald?


What is an arerizone in Pokemon platinum?

its cool

What are some cool stuff on Pokemon Ruby?

Some cool stuff on Pokemon ruby include chairs and desks, posters, dolls, cushions, and mats. Plants and water balloons are also cool stuff you can buy for your Pokemon Ruby.

Do Pokemon evolve in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

No. But that would be cool.

In Pokemon diamond were to find Pokemon number 46?

Somewhere cool

Why are Pokemon cards so cool?

don't know, maybe because they are cool

Is eevee the best pokemon?

It's cool pokemon that can evolve into a bunch of other cool pokemon, but it's far from being the best. It's evolutions aren't the best either.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl the new Pokemon are cool because?

The new deck of Pokemon are awesome!!!!

How do you catch cool Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

masterball a magicarp or a cacoon or a metapod

What the heck is Pokemon?

A Pokemon is a animal that is mixed with cool crap like fire.

Why is Pokemon addicting?

its cool and is sorta like a puzzle and you can show off your pokemon!

What legendaries can you catch in Pokemon Sapphire?


Can you cook Pokemon?

No. But that would be cool wouldn't it?

How cool is Pokemon SoulSilver?

Toataly narly

What are Two continents colliding?

Pokemon are cool

Are the Pokemon people crazy?

Because they are cool.

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