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Q: Why is Pygmy goat pregnant over 5 months?
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How many months does it take a goat to have a kid?

The gestation period for a goat is aproximately 5 months. Some goats are a few days over or under but if you watch for the does signs, you will know when you are down to a few hours.

21 weeks pregnant then how many months is it?

2o weeks is 5 months!! So you are a little over 5 months!

Can Cats under 12 months get pregnant?

yes, it is possible if the cat reached over 6 months old

Does being seven months and two weeks pregnant make seven and a half months?

Yes, then you are seven and a half months. The doctor usually counts the time in weeks. It seems like you give birth when you're over nine months pregnant but you don't.

How many acres of grass can a cow eat one day?

The amount of grass a goat eats really depends on the breed. A Pygmy goat will eat up to 1/2 a pound of grass a day. A fainting goat eats only about 0.1 pounds of grass. So if you want a goat to mow your lawn for A Pygmy goat is the best.

How many months does a lion stay pregnant?

O-o 4 months to those who talk in MONTHS terms like me for those who dont the average pregnancy can be up to 108 to 122 days

What are pygmy goats predators?

Pygmy goat predators are determined by their location...At a ranch/farm near the wilderness their predators may exist of rattlesnakes, bobcats, coyotes, hogs, mountain lions, bears, hawks, etc. TO protect them would be to watch over them carfully, set up predator traps, alarms, or build a sufficient and effective shelter with a roof.

How many months along is someone who is 37 weeks pregnant?

Normally many people would think that 37 weeks would be equivalent to 9 months pregnant because there are 4 weeks in a month. However because there is slightly more than 4 weeks in a month, someone who is 37 weeks pregnant is just over 8 months pregnant.

How many hours do alpacas sleep?

We can find different types of goat all over the world. Thats why it is difficult to answer exactly. But we can give you a average answer . Normally a goat (aged 5 months -5years) sleep 7 hours each day.

Why can a sheep or goat over 3 months old survive on grass alone?

As it's digestive system has developed and the bacteria in the rumen have developed to digest cellulose.

Would having your implanon removed 7 months ago still be affecting your chances of getting pregnant?

No it can not. Remember it can take over a year to get pregnant normally.

Can a Persian cat get pregnant at 6 month old?

yes a cat over about 4 months can potentially become pregnant