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Reba had some skin cancer removed and she wanted to hide it.

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What was Robert palmer video with back up dancers wearing hats and red lipstick?

Addicted to love

What is Pauls catch phrase from llamas with hats?

"Llamas with Hats" is a short YouTube video showing a conversation between two llamas, Paul and Carl, wearing hats. Paul's catch phrase is "Caaaaarl".

What does it mean when guys wear their hats backwards?

means that they are wearing their hats like that

What hats are available today?

there are a lot of French hats that are in style these days....... it`s the time of summer so, summer hats are awesome in wearing .

What phobia is fear of hats?

One word coined for the fear is cocklaphobia : fear of wearing, seeing, or touching hats.

Does wearing a hat make you loose hair?

yes hats kill hair. You will go bald if you hear hats

Can wearing hats constantly cause baldness?

yes i can yes i can

Do guinea pigs like wearing hats?

no, absolutely no. it is cruel for them.

What accessories can a mummy get?

mummies have been found wearing hats.

What is the band with guys wearing bunny hats?

you say when bunny

What are the regulations on wearing wooly hats in football?

The regulation about wearing wooly hats is that it is legal, unless it has long strings of other material that hangs low that other players can grab onto.

Are hats corny?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that they are really cool!!! ~Gavin~ yeah i agree, hats are cool you just have to know and be confident in wearing them.

Why are s f giants wearing red hats today?

On Memorial Day, they wear red hats in honor of the soldiers.

What is the difference in the Jewish men's hats?

Differences in hats are usually the result of regional variation and ethnicity within Judaism. The wearing of hats is not a law, but it is a custom with the force of a law.

Are hats fashionable or not?

It depends on what kind of hat your wearing, if your wearing a cap, then twist to your side of your head to look cool.

Is wearing a hat illegal?

No, everyone wears hats all the time.

Did Princess Diana like wearing hats?

most likely yes

Does the wearing of tin foil hats stop the aliens from reading our minds?


What kind of hats are the red robots wearing on the episode of in plain sight?


Why are PGA golfers wearing red ribbons on their hats?

ken ventura death,

Who was wearing the big black hat in Michael Jacksons funeral?

Both Rebbie and LaToya (his sisters) were wearing big black hats.

Why does the flag code say men should remove their hats during pledge?

In the Christian tradition, removing hats is a sign of respect, as compared to the Jewish or Muslim traditions in which wearing hats is a sign of respect.

Are tweed hats too warm for wearing in summer?

YES!!!! YOU FOOL! No need to be rude.

Can you wear a g string on your head do they make them to fit As you dont like wearing hats?


On clubpenguin the hats that you fly with how do you fly?

Make sure you are just wearing the cap then dance.

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