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because he created indelible images that are loved by people from around the world. whether or not you like his work, you look at it and remember it, it stirs you, good or bad, it creates emotion.

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Is Salvador Dali still famous to this day?

Once someone is famous they always will be even if they become less popular through the years they will always remain famous. So yes Salvador Dali is still famous for his art work. x

What day did Salvador Dali get married?


Which artist is famous in his day?

There have been many artists famous in their own time, such as:Claude MonetPablo PicassoMarc ChagallSalvador Dali

Why is Andy Worhol Still the most famous artist of pop art?

He basically invented Pop Art. He is the forefather, therefore he is still legendary to this day, such as George Washington to America, Salvador Dali to surrealism, etc.

What day did Salvador Dali die?

i dont know look it!

Did Salvador Dali go to college?

Yes, he did, bearing in mind that the Spanish school system of his time was not the same as present-day American

What date did Salvador Dali create 'Melting Clocks'?

The title is 'The Persistence of Memory'. It was not made in one day (this goes for most paintings). It was first exhibited in June, 1931.

What is a weird fact about Salvador Dali?

Once in school he happened to fall down the stairs. It attracted much attention. After that he 'fell' down the stairs every day, because he always wanted to be in the center of attention.

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el salvador celebrates dia de valentin (valentines day) the same way as america.

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WHY WE STILL CELEBRATE COLUMBUS DAYWe celebrate Columbus Day because we as people have to remember the so very famous explorers.

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In which present day countries did the ancient Maya live?

The Maya civilization stretched across what is today Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and El Salvador. Its descendants still live in the area.

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national suck a weiner day

What day is the independence of el salvador?

IT's September 14th 1821.

What is Salvador Dali's painting 'Night and Day Clothes' about?

About a nightgown which is transformed for day use.

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