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Shawn micheals will never come back he lost to the undertaker in a streak vs career match

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โˆ™ 2010-10-23 23:57:44
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Q: Why is Shawn micheals not coming back until 2010?
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When is Shawn micheals coming back in 2010?

Sorry but I don't think he will come back

Who is the oldest 2010 WWE wrestler?

Shawn micheals but he retired

When is Shawn micheals coming back?

He is not coming back anytime soon. He lost his streak vs career match with the undertaker in Wrestlemania 2010 and as a result retired from the WWE

How did Shawn micheals die?

He's not dead yet genius at least in early 2010.

Did undertaker beat Shawn micheals at WrestleMania 2010?

Yes undertaker beat Shawn michaels i was so angry that i almost cried Shawn michaels is out of the wwe forever :'(

Is Shawn micheals coming back on WWE?

(2010) um in 2011 Shawn Micheal might be a wwe hall of fame or maybe he might join tna wristling or he will just give up both and be just a normal person.

What happen to Shawn micheals after WrestleMania 25?

He took some time off and will be returning sometime in 2010.

Does WWE smackdown vs raw 2010 have hbk?

Yes 2010 Does have shawn micheals and you can unlock his D-Generation X Costume.

Will Dx breaking up in 2010?

Maybe yes because Shawn micheals is tied up with DX or The Undertaker.

Is Shawn Michaels coming back at night of champions 2010?


What is the greatest wrestling match WWE?

Some of the greatest matches in WWE history are: a. Undertaker Vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 2011 b. Undertaker Vs Shawn Micheals at Wrestlemania 2010 c. Undertaker Vs Shawn Micheals at Wrestlemania 2009 d. etc

Is Shawn Michaels coming back to WWE?

No, Shawn Michaels will not be returning to WWE. He retired on March 28, 2010.

When will Shawn micheals come back in 2009?

he'll propably come back in 2010 well i think he will come back in the royal rumble and win it

Is Shawn micheals stronger than john cena?

(2010) well they are both strong they have won each other again and again so they are both strong!

Is Shawn micheals stronger than Triple H?

(2010) yeah Shawn michaels was stronger than triple h but now i don't know who is strong because Shawn michaels is not in action on wwe any more his career was over at wristlemania 26.

Did Shawn micheals run over the undertaker?

no the reason for the undertaker's absent is because he has a broken bone in his nose and plus he and Michelle McCool were recently got married on June 26, 2010

When is Shawn Michaels coming back?

Shawn Michaels will be at WWE Tribute to the Troops 2010. He and Triple H will be reuniting for the event. It is unknown if their return will be shown on TV.

Why did Shawn micheals put his career on the line at WrestleMania 26?

because shawn micheals wanted a shot at redemption against the undertaker because he lost at wrestlemania 25, undertaker never accepted hbk challenge at wrestlemania 26 so hbk cost undertaker the world title at elimination chamber 2010, so the undertaker said he would accept if hbk put his career on the line

Will Shawn Johnson going to be in the new dancing with stars 2010?

no Shawn Johnson will not in 2010 but she will be a commander in 2010

Who can you unlock in SvR 2010?

Easy question. Bob Orton, The million dollar man, dusty Rhodes alt attire randy orton, alt attire edge, triple h , Shawn micheals, Jericho,jbl and brian kendrik

Is Shawn Michaels leaving WWE in 2010?

yes Shawn is leaving in march 3

Smack down vs raw 2010 cheats?

for the rock the cheat code is The Great One for randy ortan to be in a referee costume is ViperRKO for new places to fight is BonosBrawl for triple h's and Shawn micheals's DX attire is Bow down and SuckIT!

Who is going to be in royal rumble 2010?

I know John Cena, Undertaker, Shawn Micheals, Batista, CM Punk, MVP, Ted DiBiase, Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry, and Cody Rhodes. That is who I know who is going to be in Royal Rumble 2010 (so far)!!!!!!

What are the ratings and certificates for Shawn Hayes Movie Critic - 2010?

Shawn Hayes Movie Critic - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-MA

What year did Shawn Michels WWE retired?