Why is Tunisia a LEDC?

Tunisia is a LEDC because of several reasons. I'll state some of them.
First, the independence and the economic loss. Tunisia have got it's independence on 20 March 1956 from France. When the French left Tunisia, it was in a mess, the problems were mainly 3 : poverty, illiteracy, unemployment.
All the Tunisian fundings at that time were mainly concentrated on Education under the doctrine of Habib Borgiba, and the Education Minister El Messadi. then the rest of the incomes was headed to the employment through improving the country's infra_structure by building roads and industries, all that was also sponsored by some French who still live in Tunisia. Poverty then was treated through employment.
Untill now Tunisia have produced 3 generations of well educated people who are now working in almost every field, however economy in Tunisia is still weak because the main source is Tourism and second exportation of agricultural goods.
These two realms are not well predictable ones, not like controlled industry, so Tunisia is still waiting for the last educated generation to make it better through many specialized people in industrial techniques and technologies.
You can concider that the main Tunisian investment was not Industry, yet it was Education for that Tunisia is a LECD but with a honorific average of 100% educated people between 06 and 16 years old and almost 3 millions students engaged in higher education and post graduate one, knowing that education is cumpolsory and absolutely free in Tunisia.
Thank you.