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Tybalt is an arrogant and aggressive type of person. He enjoys the feuding and encourages the families to fight. Quite often he is the one who starts the fights. He is quick to anger and loves to get even.

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In Romeo and Juliet in act 1 scene 1 why is Tybalt considered hot tempered?

Tybalt was considered hot- tempered because he fought with Benvolio without any particular reason except that he was a Montague. Also you can totally tell by his line: "Peace? I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues and thee" I mean any guy who hates peace has got to be hot- tempered.

Who is tybaltfrom Romeo and Juliet?

Tybalt is Juliet's fiery and bad tempered cousin

Is Hera's characteristics not beautiful and hot tempered?

Hera was beautiful, hot tempered and jelous.

In Romeo and Juliet how are Tybalt and Mercutio different?

Tybalt and Mercutio are similar in some ways because they are both very hot tempered and despise each other and Romeo and Juliet are devestated at their deaths. They are different in some ways because Mercutio is slightly nicer and has more friends. Plus, Mercutio has more of a sense of humor than Tybalt.

What is the difference between quench and tempered steel and hot rolled steel?

What is the difference between hot rolled & Quenched + Tempered

Can a hot tempered man date a hot tempered girl?

Yeah look at Chris Brown and Rhianna.....things worked out fine.

Who was hot tempered in the outsiders?

Darry Curtis

Are redheads really hot tempered like the saying goes?

Yesss! We Are Verryyyy Hot Tempered, And I Recommend You Don't Mess With Us Redheads((: People Ask Me If I'm Hot Tempered Because I Have Red Hair, And The Answer Really Is, It Depends How Well You Know Me!(: -Angelique Nuno.

Who is fiery tempered cousin of Juliet?

Juliet's cousin is named Tybalt Capulet. Like so many others, Tybalt does not live to see the end of the play. His death is at the root of the conflict between Romeo's and Juliet's families.

Who is Juliet's hot- headed cousin?

Juliet's hot-headed cousin was Tybalt.

What happened Romeo after he killed Tybalt?

Romeo was banished from Verona after he killed Tybalt because they didn't want to kill him because they considered it a death for a death; Tybalt killed Mercutio, Romeo killed Tybalt.

Why is Tybalt so hot tempered?

It is possible that Tybalt is so hot-tempered simply because he has no love-interest: most of the people in Verona seem to interested only in fighting or loving - when they aren't doing one, they are doing the other. But if you are careful you may notice that Old Capulet really doesn't like Tybalt one bit - and Tybalt doesn't like Old Capulet either. On the other hand Lady Capulet (who Old Capulet also doesn't seem to like much) has an extravagant reaction to Tybalt's death. Lady Capulet is some thirty years younger than her husband. (Lady Capulet is twice Juliet's age - so about thirty. Old Capulet last went to a masque almost thirty years ago - he must be over fifty). Perhaps something is going on between Tybalt and Lady Capulet; perhaps Old Capulet half-suspects this. That would explain a lot.

Are Irish men as hot tempered and sexual as they claim to be?


What is another word for hot tempered?

Aggressive, belligerent, angry

Who described indians as hot tempered but honest?

Heiun Tsang

What adjectives would describe Ferdinand Magellan?

hot tempered

Who is Tybalt and why is he dangerous?

Tybalt is Juliet's cousin who has anger issues. He's dangerous because he is hot headed. He has a quick temper.

Who is Tybalt in Romeo Juliet?

Tybalt is Juliet's hot-headed cousin. He kills Romeo's best friend, Mercutio, in a feud. Romeo, angry and wanting revenge, kills Tybalt.

Did Zeus get angry a lot?

He seems to have been rather hot-tempered.

What is Hyphenated-adjective of An angry person?

A hot-tempered man.

What were Hera's characteristics?

She was beautiful and she was very hot tempered, jealous, vindictive.

What are Hercules' personality quirks or flaws?

He was very hot-tempered.

What are the release dates for The Jerry Springer Show - 1991 Hot-Tempered Hoedown?

The Jerry Springer Show - 1991 Hot-Tempered Hoedown was released on: USA: 28 December 2009

In Act 2 scene 4 why is Tybalt looking for Romeo?

Tybalt wants to challenge Romeo to a duel. Tybalt is a hot-headed mean guy and is still angry at Romeo for crashing their party last night.

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