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It is called the White Spot because it's a big white spot! Hope this helps!

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Q: Why is White Spot called White Spot?
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Which planet is called white planet?

There is no planet called the white planet. The closest could be Saturn with it's great white spot.

What is that white spot under your fingernail on your thumb?

It's called the lunula.

Is the black spot on the white of your eye a mole?

ACTUALLY, it is PUPIL. no its called a puple

Is white spot in USA?

White Sport is not in the United States. White Spot is in Canada.

What are the white dots by an egg yoke?

That white spot on the yolk is called a germinal disc. See Related Links.

HELP can the white spot disease in fish cause hyperplasia?

Not that I'm aware of, the 'white spot' disease is called Ich and you will be able to find treatment options with some research.

What are white spots on a goldfish's fin?

It could be a disease called white spot or an infection called "ick".White Spot and Ick can be cured by medication but with Ick,you have to take other fish out of your tank/bowl so it doesn't spread to other fish in your tank/bowl.

Where is the great white spot located?

The great white spot is located on Saturn

When was White Spot created?

White Spot was created on 1928-06-16.

Where did White Spot restaurant get its name?

Nat the finder was looking for a similar name to the restaurant in the states and took a risk called it Whtie spot

What is a white spot on the corner of the lower lip?

a spot

What breed of horses is the brown one with the white spot on the forehead?

Lots of horses are brown and have a 'white dot' on their forehead. the 'white dot' is actually called a star

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