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Why is a 94 Saturn sluggish while shifting?

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Emergency or service brakes binding?

2007-06-18 20:31:09
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Cooled start sensor Saturn 94?

i am looking were the cooled start sensor is on a 94 Saturn is at

Where is the place located to put transmission fluid in a 94 Saturn?


Will a 94 Saturn SL1 engine work in a 95 Saturn Sl1?

exact fit fir the sohc engine is 93 or 94 only

Can you use body parts of a 94 Saturn coupe on a 91 Saturn coupe?

Almost all body parts from a 94 will fit on a 91.

Where is the backup switch on a 94 Saturn?

on the trans

How many earth's go into Saturn?

94 whole earths 94 whole earths

Is your 94 Saturn subframe compatible with a 97?


Where is the crank positioning sensor on a 94 Saturn?

above the starter

Where would you get a picture of where the motor mounts are on a 94 Saturn?

Where is the oil filter located on a 94 Saturn SC2?

On the motor!!

Does a 94 ford mercury sable transmission have a valve body?

could the vale body be bad on my 94 ford truaus keeping it from shifting right

Where is the speed sensor on 94 Saturn?

Where is the speed señor for a 94saturn sl2

How many engine mounts are on a 94 Saturn sedan?

2 mounts

How do you replace the clutch on a 94 Saturn sl2?

if it is anything like my 97' Saturn Sl2. The engine must be dropped out to dismount the transmission.

Water pump 94 SL2 Saturn?

How do I replace the water pump in my 1994 Saturn SL2 series standard twin cam.

What is Saturn made of?

Saturn is made up of gases. 94% hydrogen, 6% helium and small amounts of methane and ammonia

Is a 1995 Saturn PCM Computer compatible with a 1994 Saturn SL1?

I just did the engine in my 94 and wanted to do a 96 engine. The only computers that will be compatible in a 94 is a 91 0r 92.95 PCM Computer in a 94 Saturn S SeriesNo it is not compatible. The amount of teeth on the 94's timing wheel do not match what the PCM Computer is programmed for in the 95. It will run the engine, but it will always run lean and you will have a drastic reduction in horse power.

Can you put a 96 Saturn engine in a 94 Saturn?

saturns up to 1993 are the same and saturns 1994-2000 are the same they will work together

Can you put a 94 Saturn engine in a 2002 Saturn?

CAN??? Yes, certainly. But there will be significant additional costs since the head and EGR system are different.

How do you find a vacuum leak on a 94 Saturn?

Use carb cleaner or brake cleaner.

What size speakers does a 94 Saturn sl1 have?

6.5" round speakers in the front and back.

How do you replace the water pump on a 94 Saturn sl1?

The water pump on a 94 Saturn S1 is replaced by removing the serpentine belt, engine accessories, and water hoses. The pump can then be unbolted from the engine block and a new pump put in place.

What would couase the 94 Ford Aerostar transmission to stop shifting and lose power?

Get the trany checked at a trany shop.

What is the surface of Saturn made out of?

saturn is made out of gases 94 percent hydrogen, 6 percent helium and small amounts of methane and ammonia charlie xx

How do you change a clutch on a 94 Saturn sl?

go to the library and copy the instructions from a repair manual